Physical TraitsEdit

Very rarely seen out of full armour or in tree of life form, on rare occasions he can be seen out of armour, his fur has hints of light brown to it but it is mostly singed black, his horns and face all bear the marks of having faced seering flame many times before.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Druid




Healer, Crusader for peace


None that remain. His former guild the Ari Scara where his only family.


Until Recently zaltan lived among many freinds, was part of the wolf pack ari scara and part of the group might of the horde that joined together to face many of the enemies of peace of this world.

After a heavy night in the dread citadel though zaltan driffted off to sleep under the evening lights of moonglade, he awoke to find all his friends from Might of the Horde and his family of Ari Scara where missing. In fact the whole world was a little bit different from what he had grown up with. He is still searching for what caused this shift and why it happened to him.