Name: Zair

Zair is an half elf, He was born to a Human father and an high elven mother. He was born in the surrounding villages of Stratholme. The first he was really known was at the end of the second war with the pushing back of the horde. He did not follow the expedition to Outland, he was told to stay for the defence of the kingdom.

Before his meeting with Drakeflare and the formation of the TDE Zair was envolved in the scourge war, Zair accompanied the ashbringer to stratholme and witnessed the betrayal of him by his son, which is why whenever he sees scarlets preaching in the streets he is quick to attempt to move thm or argue with them.

Zair, ex general of the TDE (the draconic empire.A great follower of Drakeflare and soon became one of the empire's greatest. It was Zair who took over control of the TDE for a short while after Drakeflare's death. After Drakeflare's ressurection, during Drakelfare's madness it was Zair who betray him and thwarted him in his attempt to destroy the kingdom.

He is wanted by several crime organisations for his part in the Malvalon gang . Zair has been a shadey character after his departure from the TDE despite leaving his criminal ways. he has been involved in several organisations which include: The Cthonian Club, The Malvalons and he has even been seen with known members of the Dark Embrace.