Name Edit

Yamizoë Shadewind

Physical Traits Edit

Shorter than an avearge Night elf, she isn't really one of those tall types. She's got long, silver hair which usually shines rather bright in the moonlight. Her skin is more likely light pink, rather than bluish or reddish. Her eyes glow with a light blue light, her expression is usually friendly and is often seen smiling lightly. Entering the battlefield changes that, however...

She usually wears her golden and shining armor, along with the Stormpike Tabard, her personal favorite. She always keeps her hands on her weapons, mostly something that hits pretty hard, just in case.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Huntress

Guild Edit

Most of the time, she wandered the world without anyone but her trusty companion, Tsokaru, or her friends on the battlefields. (Guildless)

Occupation Edit

Huntress with a fond for adventuring, a Marshal in the Alliance Army. Also a Miner and a Gnomish Engineer, mostly making Reflectors to get her revenge on those damned mages! (Or Warlocks and shadow priests, for that matter...)


Has a sister named Alezina, an apprentice priestess who studies the arts of shadow mastery. No other information known about the rest of her relatives.

Background Edit

Her original, exact origins are unknown, although she claims she comes from mount Hyjal. After spending a year or two after Darnassus has been built, her thirst for adventuring has awoken, therefore set out for a great journey. Seeing how she used to tend animals, she decided to befriend and make them her allies... thus begin walking on the path of a hunter.

After meeting many allies and enemies and having seen most of Azeroth, she met with Sir Ulthar and Luthar, high ranking soldiers of the Alliance. After this encounter she joined the Army, and fought fierce battles for the Alliance, earning the Marshal rank for her efforts.

Family Background Edit

Not much is known, except that she came to the city of Darnassus with her little sister, Alezina, who stayed at Darnassus and studied Priestly magic after she left to explore Azeroth.

Criminal Record Edit

None known. However, she was one of the juries during Matthiaus Malvalon's trial.

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

After hiding in Duskwood for a while, she revealed herself once again. However, after an assault on the Undercity, she got on her black war tiger in Shattrath City and left the place, with not even a single sight of her since. Her location, intentions and status are unknown at this point, some persume her to be dead, others hope for her safe return.