Name Edit

Xenophon Dikaion

Physical Traits Edit

Body of an unexperienced young man in the subject of war.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Rogue

Guild Edit

The Cenarion Guardians

Occupation Edit

An experienced herbalist and a young alchemist.


Xenophon has a son,called Lusitan. He decided to adopt him when he found the baby inside an abandoned house in Westfall. Lusitan grew up to be a priest.

Background Edit

Xenophon is young and his past has nothing important to be mentioned yet.

Family Background Edit

Xenophon doesn't like to talk about his family past.

Criminal Record Edit

Xenophon was once arrested in Darnassus when he tried to pick-pocket an alchemist. After the incident he was immediately sent back to Stormwind and his entrance in Darnassus was forbidden for the next six months.

Personal Notes Edit

Xenophon likes to help people. He wants to give them what he never had before: help. He feels that he needs a company on his journeys because he doesn't know how to cook and how to do first-aid bandages.

Current Status Edit