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Xania (more of her name isn't known - If she knows or doesn't, isn't clear)

Physical Traits Edit

A tall and strong night elven warrior. She started wearing an eyepatch over her right eye recently, apparently because she burned her eye to make a point.

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf, a warrior with a preference for using swords, and sometimes claws.

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Occupation Edit

Xania is a warrior who has mastered mining and swordsmithing.


None known - though there are some rumors of a night elven lady that looks very much like her.

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Family Background Edit

None known.

Criminal Record Edit

Xania's only known crime is making two major slashes into Thepol's chest, both wounding him, but not killing him. After the first slash she was chased to Ironforge by a band of people of the Cathedral led by Tribian.

For this Thepol has forgiven her after he excorsised the slight demonic taint that made her turn to evil.

She now returned to good and has several times tried to help Thepol with getting his wound to heal.

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

Alive, seeming haunted and depressed at times, though often cheerful, kind, and caring.