Abbess Xala Klen-Ais

Physical TraitsEdit

Her distinguishing features are her dark skin, and her long gleaming white hair. Of medium height, and an athletic build, she is quite elegant and regal in her movements, and there is much intelligence in her pale grey eyes. She is normally dressed in a dark robe when relaxing, and her best battle gear when out and about. On her neck is the small tattoo of a triage first aider.

Race and ClassEdit

Human / Priest


Abbess of the Sacred Flame, a newly made church order founded with the aim of reasserting the original meaning of the Holy Light faith, as well as dedicated to study, learning and truth. Also event organiser, and Former Officer of Talah Adore Alshar. Now an Initiate in Righteous Fury


From House Aeriathalya, an old westfallian dynasty that has fallen on hard times in the last 100 years. She has four brothers, none of which she keeps in touch with (open for development)


Xala was born to a large agricultural family hailing from Westfall, god-fearing and simple folk who still live there to this day. Throughout her childhood she had the concepts of duty, faith, and responsibility hammered into her on a daily basis, though she was the younger sister of her 4 brother she was pretty much bullied into looking after them full time from a young age. Whenever they did something wrong, their father would blame Xala, punishing her by making her read the Holy Writings issued by the Church of Light, and by using other more physical methods

Xala was a naturally responsible girl, and when she came of age (twelve years) she had what she believed was a visitation from and entity she calls 'The Light Manifest'. Her faith was so strong that she trust to her instinct to act upon the advice the Light gave her, and presented hersself at the Abbey in Northshire for training.

She instantly found that she had made the right choice. Removed from the reach of her limited family, a wealth of learning and promise was opened up to her as she grew up as a Novice in the Abbey. Forsaking worldly goods for that time, she focused purely on her faith and the teaching until her talent for Priestly magic became obvious. Upon leaving the temple at age 15, she spent a couple of years battling bandits and kobolds at the behest of the local military units, practising her healing arts. This time exposed her to some dreadful truths about the nature of Azeroth, truths that she had pushed to the back of her mind when she left her family behind. Her faith has remained strong, but her naivety lessens day by day as she works to increase her power.

At the age of 23 she finally joined a group of Night Elves known as the Talah Adore Al'shar, nurturing folk who help the potential of the younger races blossom. She is eager to help out, but her natural feelings of inadequacy hold sway over her, and she still keeps to herself somewhat.

Personal NotesEdit

Xala is very much a goody-two shoes, as she is always seeking to do good within her guild, and the Alliance in general. She is known for organising large events, and recently appeared in The Azeroth Journal for organising Race Day. Xala is known as a rather powerful Priestess in the Holy path, for though her combative abilities are low, she is a talented caster and her strong faith augments her healing abilities. She is also an extremely skilled alchemist and botanist.

Current StatusEdit

Retired from public life. (Xala was transferred to The Sha'tar in 2007.)

Other StorylinesEdit

  • Naive Love - Xala briefly gave up her vows (and is paying for it now) to marry a young Paladin. What follows is a summary of their relationship so far.

Since she has joined the guild she has grown greatly in power and prominence, having risen quickly through Veteran to Officer. After the first guild meeting, when she became a member, she met a human Paladin named Dakatar Methar. At the time little happened, mainly due to a lot of alcohol and Dakatar falling off the balcony of the Stonefire Inn many times.

Dakatar was more powerful than her, but he must have seen that she would grow quickly, and seemed to have decided that he was her protector, for a while they went many places together, and the young Priestess' thoughts gradually turned away from her original vows of maidenly virtue. She soon knew that she felt for him deeply, and during one episode of his life; where he despaired of living, they came out the otherside as a stronger couple.

It took a while, but Dakatar finally managed to convince Xala to give up her vows, and to consent to be his wife. They married on one of the ships docked in Theramore, witnessed by their friends - the ceremony was led by Alita.

A dark cloud was soon to darken their relationship, as Dakatar was called into service with the army, and for many month they were parted. While he was away, Xala found a new strength within herself, a new self-sufficiency that enabled her to train harder than ever before. She met many people, and when Dakatar returned he must have found her a little less naive and gentle, though she remained as forgiving as ever.

Neither said what both knew, that they had drifted apart. They continued, now more equal in power to each other, to fight against the minions of evil. Xala never loved him any less, but it seemed to her that they grew more distant with each passing day, and she could see no way to reverse that. She was just glad he was back in her life. Then, one day, he dropped a bombshell on her. He had fallen for a Warlock, another guild member, a woman of such power that Xala could only yell at him in frustration, though for the first time she wished to truly wipe the woman from the face of Azeroth.

Mired in frustration and doubt, Xala spent much more time with a druid friend named Farleen, and others of the guild; seeking to increase her own power. The battles she fought, the tales she heard while on the road in Kalimdor- they eventually reminded her of her true calling - she was a healer of the spirit, and of the body. If she was to heal anyone she must be whole herself. It took a while, but realising that she still loved her Paladin, she accepted that love as part of herself, as well as the fact that they would never walk the same path again. She vowed to remain true to her calling - the welfare of others was her responsibility.

Now an Officer of the Guild, she threw herself into guild activities and matters, as well as working with the Stormwind Church to gain funding for a Holy Order that she wished to found. Her self-proclaimed acceptance of Dakatar never being hers again was shaken to the bone at a recent guild function, when he turned up with a mutual friend of theirs, and another guild member, one Matosoma. All her carefully built self-control broke down, and she turned to the rum for the remainder of the party. Her anger was complete and utter; more at herself than at him. She and Matosoma spoke, and resolved their differences, but Xala could not bring herself to talk to Dakatar.

Since the birth of Matosoma and Dakatar's child, Xala finds it hard to refrain from snide remarks to her former husband, and the bitterness inside begins to eat away at her once sweet and giving nature. Even so she continued her work in the human communities, and attempted to counter-act the lies spread by the scarlets. Eventually she was overcome by a melancholy, and retired to the Cloisters of her order to recuperate in solitude. She was eventually roused from her depression, and returned to public life to witness Dakatar taking over leadership of the Stormwind Militia. It seemed that a reconciliation might be in order for the pair, as she was at least civil to him, but once she received news of his murder, she left Talah Adore Alshar to join the ranks of Righteous Fury. However it seems she retired completely from public life and retreated to the solitude of Nunnery life.