Name Edit

Wreen Mooneater (not Moonwalker)

Physical Traits Edit

Too ugly too tell but smells VERY nice because of wreedox (later to be explained)

Race and Class Edit

Draenei Shaman

Guild Edit

<none> Not accepted because trying to flog shampoo to guild members. May make Wreedox guild and Wreen the movie. Like evolution but with Wreedox instead of Head and Shoulders.

Occupation Edit

Skinner and leatherworker(The last Draenei in history to survive the crash)

Family Edit

Giant cousin with no body or legs

Background Edit

Came from Gnomeregan, flew off to Argus and crashed into the Exodar on the journey. Now...? Back in Gnomeregan!

Family Background Edit

Family is too high on speed potions to talk about how they got it over that 400 years of selling copper bars

Criminal Record Edit

caught trying to eat the Naaru sandwiches on the Dranei CIA's illegal picnic of greater fortune with a stamina buff topping.

Personal Notes Edit

are you feeling smelly after 70 levels of fighting with no shower gel but perfectly good murloc infested water to bathe in? try new Wreedox shampoo and conditioner (now with strawberry Kodo scent for those times when Kodos charge at you).

Current Status Edit

telling really bad jokes while doing a best man's speech at an underwater wedding in loch modan. Also sleeping in an elekk stable in Exodar.

A note Edit

This is NOT Snorkyorky alt it is one of his friends who put his profile on tinternet for him.

This material is copyrighted by Wreedox and Community of Drunks material.

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