Name Edit

Wompe Littledragon

Physical Traits Edit

With a dragon as her 'brother' and fire being her main element, it is no big surprise that this little gnome likes to dress in red and gold. Her fiery red hair helps complete the picture. She's never sprouted any wings despite claims to a dragon heritage.
Her mechanostrider runs on steam to make sure the trees are not bothered. Special mixture. Really.

Race and ClassEdit

Dragonish magish typish. People say 'gnome', but is no correct. Is dragon!

Guild Edit

Stormwind Academy soon!

Occupation Edit

Growing into big big dragon. Flowerpicking is goody too. An drinks! An cooking. An fishing. stuffies!


Dru, my little brother.

As me watches my brother grow
He'll outclass me, that me know
An though that makes me proud to see
He'll stay 'little one' to me

Background Edit

Is all gone gone gone. Come from big mountains an big trees. Nest only had one more egg. Other one hatched. Was Dru. So me's gonna grow up into big big dragon one day an care for Dru an hope other eggie will hatch too! Gotta take care of it.

Family Background Edit

Umm...big with wings?

Criminal Record Edit

One tiny fire...and it wasn't even really my fault!

Personal Notes Edit

Need to get pillow for egg.

Current Status Edit


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