Name Edit

Viktor Ilyich Rastavovich

Physical Traits Edit


Rastavovich is tall, shaven-headed and well built. His skin is tanned and his hands, on close inspection, bear the signs of hard manual work, unusual for a user of magic. He makes little attempt to hide his nature as a warlock and outside of the major populated areas is rarely to be seen without a demonic minion at his side, most often an imp for whom Rastavovich appears to have great affection. His demeanour is usually withdrawn and he rarely seeks company, but is known to be fiercely loyal to his few friends. The feeling that he most often betrays is one of sadness, and perhaps guilt. Although not by nature confrontational, he responds very aggresively to threats and can be intimidating when he chooses to be. His speech is measured, as though he has tried hard to lose the dialect he was born with, although he occasionally shows a trace of a rural accent.

In battle, a different side to him emerges - while tactically astute, he fights ferociously and retreats unwillingly. Controlling his minions and unleashing his own magical energies seem natural and instinctive to him, but the disturbing pleasure that he once took in the pain that he is capable of inflicting seems to have faded for him recently. He is a surprisingly effective melee fighter, favouring a heavy bladed shortsword or a metal-shod stave. In his younger days, his blood lust could be a distinct liability. He has, however, learned much, and is now far more controlled.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, Male, Warlock

Guild Edit

Rastavovich was recently promoted to Axemaster (officer) of Axe and Anvil. He had been absent from the guild due to a feud with another guild member, Ozprey. This appeared to be over a deeply personal matter. The matter was resolved, but not before an incident occurred near Booty Bay, during which the two warlocks and a number of other guild members clashed with a very large and apparently out of control creature which it is suspected that either Ozprey or Rastavovich had summoned. Ozprey was later arrested by the Booty Bay authorities and was killed during an extremely violent escape attempt that cost the lives of numerous Booty Bay guards.

Occupation Edit

Master Demonologist. Unusually, Rastavovich is also an adept skinner, which provides both his main income, and a supply of materials for the guild. This skill is probably carried over from his rural upbringing.


No living relatives: see background.

Background Edit

Rastavovich spoke little of his past, at least much before his early twenties when he moved to Stormwind to study. It is not known exactly when he began training as a warlock. In common with many adventurers he earned a living undertaking a variety of missions on behalf of the Stormwind Guard and later moved to Menethil, taking up lodgings there. He made a number of friendships amongst the dwarves and gnomes. Whilst initially joining his guild as a contracted materials supplier, he formed an unusual friendship with the former guild master, a dwarven paladin known as Dirahm, whom he saw as something of a father-figure.

His motivations are difficult to pin down - his methods are unpalatable to many and yet he has served friends, guild and ultimately the Alliance with loyalty. He has threw himself into one battle after another as though trying to make amends for some past misdeed.

The apparent death of his close friend at the hands of goblins Ozprey following an incident in Booty Bay affected him deeply. He became withdrawn, and began spending a great deal of time around the mage district of Stormwind. Suspicion of necromancy fell upon him when he was witnessed leaving The Slaughtered Lamb with a severely wounded individual matching Ozprey's description. Rastavovich was arrested in the Lamb in front of Paeony by a group led by Dergo and imprisoned for a number of weeks. Dergo]] conspired with the Mountaineer regiment to hold a trial in Westfall, where Rastavovich was accused of being, in reality, the once infamous gangster Carl Sorrell, in addition to his more recent crimes. With a crowd of onlookers practically rioting, the trial was cut short when a blow from Dergo's sword severed the warlock's head. The Mountaineers retreated and in the confusion, Ozprey and Paeony escaped with Rastavovich's corpse.

Family Background Edit

There are no records relating to a Rastavovich family in recent years in Stormwind or its surrounding areas. It appears that Rastavovich was in fact the assumed name of Carl Sorrell, a gangster originally from Westfall. Sorrell was particularly infamous for his role in the massacre of a group of unarmed trainee militia. Sorrell was presumed dead for many years after disappearing while the rest of the gang were hunted down.

Ozcor, father of Ozprey was the only other member of the gang to escape justice.

Criminal Record Edit

Convicted of multiple counts of murder, necromancy, use of fel magic and consorting with demons by order of the Mountaineer regiment.

Personal Notes Edit

Rastavovich never seemed at peace with his nature. He has few close attachments to other people and does not actively seek them, frequently choosing to work alone in remote areas, fearing that he may somehow harm those close to him. He does not deal well with emotional situations and consequently is often not an easy person to get on with, being plagued by lingering guilt and regret over some past trauma. Unlike many of his peers, he appears to have no interest in the acquisition of wealth (beyond that necessary to finance his studies or equip himself for battle) or power. During his imprisonment and subsequent trial he made little effort to resist or escape, seemingly resigned to his fate.

Current Status Edit

Deceased following execution by beheading.

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