The Vault of Knowledge Edit

Beneath the Violet Citadel of Dalaran lies many arcane vaults, the Vault of Knowledge being one of them. It is a vast library of tomes, scrolls and various books collected from all over Azeroth. Many priceless texts were destroyed when Dalaran fell, therefore the scholars of the University of Dalaran under the leadership of Headmaster DeBreton began to gather what literature they could find. As a thankyou for the donations made by the public the Vault has been opened to all citizens of Azeroth, Northrend and the Outlands (except certain restricted sections.)

Arcane Section Edit

For the study of the arcane schools.

Dalaran Book of Spells - Basic: By Professor Nelson DeBreton

Dalaran Book of Spells - Intermediate: By Professor Nelson DeBreton

Dalaran Book of Spells - Advanced: By Professor Nelson DeBreton

The Schools of Arcane Magic: By Archmage Anisirem Runeweaver

The Arcane Weave: By Professor Faronus Quae'duce

Lore Section Edit

For the study of the history of Azeroth and the Outlands

Language Section Edit

For the study of the languages of Azeroth

Common for Uncommoners: By Batavius Scribblequill

Geography Section Edit

For the study of the geographical maps of Azeroth

Profession Section Edit

For the study of various trade skills

Experimental Alchemy. The curriculum for the current course at the University, by Ingrid Troglodottir

Nature Section Edit

Herbalism and You. Volume 1, 2 and 3. Written by Eligar Surwood

For the study of Azeroths, Outlands and Northrends animal and plantlife.

Miscellaneous Section Edit

For easy reading

The Play: By Stoen Pongram

Restricted Section Edit

Restricted section: Authorisation must be given to read these tomes.

The Sermon of Shadows -- No Author is Given.

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