Knight Valanos of the Lightbringers of Outland.

Name Edit

Valanos, Captain Valanos to some.

Physical Traits Edit

A Young paladin in his early twenties, Valanos has long, fair hair, a handsome face, and always wears a kind expression, his eyes are very thin, almost slits.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin

Guild Edit

Former leader of the Lightbringers of Outland, following Lovyan's death, and Derrin's retirement. Now acts as a captain in The state of Stormwind.

Occupation Edit

Captain in The state of Stormwind.



Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit


Current Status Edit

Patrolling the streets of Stormwind, upholding the law.

Personal Notes Edit

Is a strong believer in the values of truth and justice, and will do anything to serve his city.

Influences Edit

Ichimaru Gin from Bleach, and Igniz from The King of Fighters for his appearance. As for personality, Nagamasa Azai From Samurai Warriors, and Feudal Japanese history.

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