Name Edit

Vadania Liadon

Race and Gender Edit

Half Elf, Female

Physical Traits Edit

Vadania comes from her mother's side of the family, and hence carries the purple-tinged skin and longer ears that Night Elves have. However, like Janek, she is still a half elf, and doesn't bear the shadowmeld and night-vision abilities. Vadania looks to be about 15 or 16, but her actual age is 17. A voluptuous girl, her body is well curved and attractive. Her eyes are a deep blue colour, also from her mother's side of the family, and she has long, velvet blue hair that sways in the wind and blows around her face. The subject of much cruel torture in her earlier life, she has several whip marks on her skin in certain places, one on her chest, a few on her back, and one or two around her legs and stomach. The most horrid sight to behold, though, is the huge scar that runs from her right shoulderblade down to the middle of her hips. It causes her pain every so often, and just one little nick on that area causes the whole thing to bleed for a hour. Vadania, like the rest of her family, is quite resistant to the natural world, but unlike her brother, she would crumple under the effects of alchohol, and likewise a potent medicine would work on her well. Her most concealable trait, which she sometimes hides with gloves, other times the sleeve of her robes, is a orange-brown brand on the palm of her hand that bears the letters R.F.

Mental Traits Edit

Even though she is a very shy girl, Vadania is incredibly intelligent. She shares pretty much the same abilities as her brother, Janek. Like him, she sometimes recieves premonitions which affect her reflexes to something. She can also detect auras around people who are either blessed by the light, or gifted by the powers of fel magic. Though, the more powerful the aura, the more painful it becomes for her eyes. Unlike Janek, though, she is unable to disable this ability.

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Occupation Edit

Halmar's Slave

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Inspiration for Vadania Edit

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