Physical TraitsEdit

White haired, top-knot and tails. Permanent snarl.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf / Hunter


Wanderer, tired old soul, and member of The Moonberry Juice Tavern


Lost to time


An intense dislike of cities and gathering places has led twinsuns to perfect the arts of Fishing and Cooking in order to maintain independence. Short stays in Stormwind and the like are only tolerated long enough to buy supplies, and sell hard-won wares in support of his guild. Named after the moment when the sun sinks behind a lake or the sea and meets its reflection; a coming together which symbolises the end of day and the start of night.

Criminal RecordEdit

No evidence has ever been found; everything can be skinned or eaten, after all....

Personal NotesEdit

A skinner and dragonscale leatherworker, Twinsuns is only really comfortable surrounded by green, or in the graveyards of Duskwood. The sands of Tanaris hurt his eyes.

Current StatusEdit

Either fishing, or tracking in the forests of Feralas or Felwood

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