Twilly Catsinjamas (sounds, Cats-in-jamas)

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome, rogue


Menethil Council


Former pick pocket, roof mender and is currently a librarian


Twilly has no known family, as fas as she knows she is an orphan


Twilly's life has always been rough, for a start she was brought up in and around stormwind's old town. she never left the district as she always thought it to be a giant wonderland as big as a continent. She lived her life stealing of corpses that other people had killed, she never knew much of value and often tried to sell things like string for vast amounts of gold. She speaks her own little language too (its twillineese) but it is mainly just gibberish. Twilly has always loved to read but the funny thing is she can't.

Criminal RecordEdit

Theft, vandalism and atempted arsen are all on the list

Personal NotesEdit

Twilly has come across three talking books (they dont really talk) that just so happen to speak Twillineese perfectly she often asks them for help in difficult times. She still carries a love for high places and jumpping off rooves.

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