Tuskher Reefswimma' (pronounced Tusk'a)

Physical TraitsEdit

Young, pretty troll of a sky blue, she has an elaborate teal blue mohawk style hairdo with braids and ivory white tusks which drive the male trolls mad.

Race and ClassEdit

Troll Shaman


Order of the Wolf


Member of Order of the Wolf, Expert Herbalist and Alchemist, Master of cooking, Master Fisherwoman, Artisan of First Aid. She is much more a healer than a fighter and is happy to support her fellows in this way rather than raise her axes at another. However, once engaged, she swiftly deals out damage and is unrepentent to those who call up her anger and battlelust.


A super-fertile family of fisherman. The entire village is related. Her dozen siblings are all younger and she has no real connection with them. Her grandmother taught her everything about herbs and potions and midwifery before she died.


Grew up in a peaceful fishing village near Sei'Jin. Her parents gave her to her grandmother at a young age to be taught healing and also to give them one less mouth to feed. She has 12 brothers and sisters of which she never speaks. Her family presumably still live in the village, but she has no real ties to them. Her beloved grandmother was the healer and wise woman for the clan. She taught Tuskher everything about plants and potions - but always lamented never learning more herself or travelling the world to learn from other races. Tuskher took this to heart and upon her grandmother's death left the village to learn all she could about the wide world outside.

Personal NotesEdit

Tuskher has no real hatred for the Alliance. She hates voodoo trolls more than the pinkskins. Although, she finds gnomes irritating and ugly. She spends more time in her wolf form than any other and loves to just follow her nose and finds herself in often dangerous and deadly places. She is friendly, warm and helpful by nature and would rather heal than fight in most circumstances. She is good-natured and loves to work in a team.

Current StatusEdit

She now has a beautiful blue-green raptor who she adores. She's named him affectionately Cuddles, though, there's not much cuddly about him. Perhaps she is just excited that she has him to call her own. She also has acquired a Frostwolf from Alterac Valley for her many battles there. She often barks and whines commands to him as they run through the Valley after Alliance foes.

She's often found scampering about in wolf form, and finds it most comfortable. She loves to play fetch and can be found in her off hours bounding around hoping someone will want to play.

She is focusing on learning more about her shamanic skills especially those in healing. She has met a new friend she has immense respect for and harbours hopes for a future with him. Will the difference in race come between them, this is the question that keeps her awake at night.

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