Tribian, Relesar.

Physical TraitsEdit

Tribian is a young Paladin, still learning the way of the light, he is 5'11 in height, he has thick black hair, done in a style he likes the most, he has a scar under his left ear. He has blue eyes, when he is around Stormwind, as he wear his Tuxedo and black hat, black gloves and black boots, with a red cape, normally a thick brown belt.

Personality TraitsEdit

Tribian is overconfident, yet nervous when around people he doesnt know, he doesnt like to be in big crowds but doesnt mind as long as he knows the people he's with, he likes to look presentable when hes in crowded areas, Tribian attempts to assert himself as much as possible, he has become quite nervous due to the current events in Azeroth.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Male, Paladin.


The Cenarion Guardians


Tribian does not have an actual occupation, though he tends to help others for free, many are willing to pay to have tasks done for them, he generally earns money by helping people.


Tribians has no family that he knows of.


Tribian has no real backround not much has happened in his life. He was brought up as an orphan of Stormwind not knowing of his parents or past. He then began to learn in the Cathedral about the ways of the Light. When he was 18 he saw himself as a man of the Light, and began teaching others what he knew and now at his current age of 23 he is a Paladin who is a part of the Cenarion Guardians. He values his friends over all else.

Criminal RecordEdit

Tribian has no Criminal Record

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