Theramore File: 381Edit

Name: Topaloz Rothgar

Rank: Private

Occuptation: Marine of the Theramore Task Force

Security Level: GREEN

Physical Traits Edit

Topaloz has the look of the Rothgar family, similar to his brothers and fathers and a similar beard. He has a battered face from previous battles alongisde his friends and his former leader Swiftstrike. He wears the clothing of the Rothgar family and is often seen with his brother on the back of his Alterac Ram. He carries the old family axe inherited in his fathers will and uses it as his main weapon against any enemy he comes across. He is a lethal warrior and less patient than his brother and often gets annoyed easily.

Current Status Edit


Topaloz is currently stationed on Theramore Isle, Dustwallow Marsh.

Occupation Edit

History Edit

(( Still to come ))

Family Edit

  • Father: Loxley Rothgar, Dwarven Prospector, Deceased
  • Mother: Ruth Rothgar, Dwarven Maid, Alive
  • Siblings: 1 Brother, Montey Rothgar, Deceased
  • Pets: At the moment Topaloz has 1 pet, his Alterac Ram
  • Carers / Nannys: None

Items Edit

Loxley's Axe: Topaloz always carries round his deceased fathers axe and uses is for many different jobs. It replaced his hammer and shield and he uses it to avenge his fathers death.

Family Crest: Topaloz carries around the shield of the Rothgar clan whereever he goes to represent his family. This is mainly for his dead father, who was a Dwarven Prospector.

Theramore Tabard: Topaloz is always seen wearing the colours of his Theramore Nation to show his loyalty.

Military Reports / Documents Edit


Influences Edit

I mainly gained my ideas for Topaloz from previous games and films such as Gimli from Lord of the Rings and other warriors I've watched fight. My brother also came up with some ideas for Topaloz and his character Montey to make them get along well and create good RP.

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