Name Edit

Tolga Blackmane

Physical Traits Edit

A tall female Tauren, obviously quite young. She has dark brown fur over her body and a slightly unkempt black mane, which she does not braid or style. Her eyebrow and lip are both pierced with metal rings. Her expression is one of distrust and dark amusement. Tolga rides a grey armored wolf, a testament to her high status with the orcs, or sits proudly upon the steed she made of the raven lord, Anzu - a huge black bird with blue tipped feathers and golden armor.

Tolga also has a distinct favour for her cat forms: a great horned lioness, or a small swift cheetah.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Druid

Guild Edit

Unspeakable Destiny.

Occupation Edit

In the full-time employ of the Forsaken Business Association.

Background Edit

Tolga discloses little of her background. She was born in the Barrens, moving to Mulgore in her childhood. In early adulthood she took her leave of her tribe after parting from her fiancé, returning to live in the Barrens - near the Crossroads settlement. Soon after this, she was seen under the Unspeakable Villainy tabard.

More recently, she was a founding officer of the Unspeakable Destiny group. She served as an officer there for almost a year before taking over the lead of the guild.

Family Background Edit

Tolga's adopted surname is Blackmane. Her true heritage is known only to herself. Tolga has a former fiancé, a shaman of her tribe, now rumoured assassinated by the Villainy, who are now her adopted family.

Criminal Record Edit

Suspect in a number of criminal activities including murder, theft and extortion.

Personal Notes Edit

Describes herself as a "cat druid", however these days she has taken up healing on the arena circuit. Often aloof and suspicious of strangers, but can often be found in the company of individuals like Rashgeito, Sharphorn, Mandark, Shadon and Cindarr.

Current Status Edit

Currently found living in the Horde capital of Orgrimmar, most often seen cat formed and basking in the Durotar sun.

Single, and not looking. It's rumoured she has an unrequited love.

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