Magnus Thordon

Physical TraitsEdit

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin (?)

GuildEdit Scarlet Missionary




At the age of 18 Magnus Thordon was a hard working farmer on a small farmstead in Duskwood just outside Darkshire. His family lived in remarkable peace and harmony despite the scourge presence because of his mother being a holy priestess and holding powers to drive back the Undead whenever they ventured to close. However, one day one of the local townspeople went missing and it became apparent that they had fallen to the Scourge and its powers. This man created an Abomination out corpses from the local cemetary and which would soon reek havoc upon the small town. When the local guards called for help to defeat it they knew that Serra Thordon the priestess would be soon to aid.

The fight was hard and bloody eventually the Abomination was killed but not without leaving it's mark on Serra. Her wound had become corrupted and black and death was near, her coward of a husband left his son to attend to the wounds but it was too late she was falling.

Magnus was distraught and he knew that without holy powers or strength in combat (which he did not possess) then living in Duskwood would be impossible. He packed up his things and left but just as he was reaching the boarders of Redridge he was ambushed by a skeleton scout group.

....Magnus woke up in Northshire Abbey some weeks later, the librarian there attended his needs but also showed him the way of the light. For the next 14 years Magnus studied the ways of the Silver Hand and trained hard as a paladin for Stormwind.

As Magnus was leaving Northshire to attend collect some beeswax from Goldshire a man called Rayan from a noble organisation called the Vanguard told him of serving in the army.

Magnus attended and all was good for a short time until the group broke down, but he was now complete in his training. From then on Magnus trained alone seeking vengence on all the Undead in Duskwood protecting the men, women and children that lived there and it was that that earned him the title of "The Lone Crusader."

A few months following that a man by the name of Thepol from the Scarlet Mission told him of their holy order. Magnus became greatly excited that he could be compining the best elements of his past to help others all across the world. Thordon enlisted and hastley rose to the rank of Ordinand in the Scarlet Missionary performing many tasks for the cause, his love of power, respect, discipline and the Light helped him on the way and he is now carrying out his training to become a Missionary.....

Family BackgroundEdit

Criminal RecordEdit

- Thordon has never been convicted or even tried for any crime, he would consider this as a severe dishonour.

Personal NotesEdit

- Thordon loves, rank, honour, discipline, his role models are powerful figures in society and figureheads within Stormwind. He hopes someday that he could become a powerful leader.

Current StatusEdit

Liberated, Inspired and Vigilant.

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