Name Edit

Thepol summerlocke



Thepol uppercut


Family Edit

He remarked: "my family are probably scourge now, who knows."


A rare sighting of thepol

Physical Traits Edit

A old man in appearance with long hair, looks remarkably like Habeus, well, used to.

Young Thepol

Thepol in his younger days, prior to his shave.


Thepol wielding his magic porn book

Race and Class Edit

Male human, paladin.

Guild Edit

Used to be in Scarlet Missionary.

So you don't know who Thepol is? Edit

Thepol may be the greatest Paladin that ever lived, he is reknowned for his amazingly attractiveness, his awesome power to express his opinion without the restrictions of society, and most impressive of all, his fist of undead-removing (from the cathedral.). Greatness surrounds him, in a mighty glow, be it in the auction house, or the cathedral district, he is never without an aura of sheer brilliance.

The light exists because Thepol allows it.

The shadow belongs in dusty catacombs, because Thepol made it so.

Re-Written by hejin, because Thepol could not be bothered.

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