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Gorvar The Hunter

‘So much has changed……’

A orc, dressed in mail, wearing two axes and his gun at mounted at his back, walked through the Arathi highlands, followed bye his loyal compagnion wolfgen. The orc stoped at Hammerfall, a former interminent camp, solely created to imprison orcs in the wake after the 2nd war. Now it is a settlement for The horde and their new allies, the undead. But still it brings back many memories to gorvar…not many of them are good.

15 years ago….

A young orcling opend his eyes and sat up, he realised it was still night….and time to escape. He stood up from his bed and sneaked out the dormintory…. He had one more glance at his parents, who were fast asleep. He had no regrets to leave them alone….for they weren’t to kind to him either. The youngling left the building, and sneaked into the shadows. The guards were still up, half-asleep but still awake. Any minute they would change the guards, with only 3 minutes to spare to use to escape. The orc hid in the shades of a tree and silently pused a branch away, revealing a small hole he made, which came out just after the fence. finaly after 15 minutes the guards left, this was the orc’s cue. he immidialty crawled into the hole and poped up behind the fence, who was in that ends cover of a other tree. Without any rest the orc rain between the spotlights and the guards eyes and jumped into a hay wagon. The orc waited a moment to catch his breath, and grabbed a stone from his pocket. The two guards at the gate were known to be quite noisy for humans. He threw the stone far away from the gate, and as suspected the guards went to investigate.

The following sprint the orc made was in years in the making. since he was 12 he ran the fastest of all the youngsters. Something that made him more of a outcast….

The orc ran outside the gates, hearing humans bark orders toe each other. It didn’t take long or half a regiment were pursuing the young orc. but for some reason he outran them, almost like a cheetah who ran from his assilants, as a dwarve hunter once put when he saw the boy ran during his short stay.

The orc kept running, even when the guards have up, he kept running, past Stromgarde, past the farms, past the gates untill he reached the hillsbrad foothills. A few hours later the orc, exhausted and dull of everything around him, fainted near a river.

When he woke up, he noticed somebody was licking him. he opend his eyes and saw a black wolf licking him and trying to wake him up. The orc got up and gently pat the wolf. ’Hey little guy…’ he said faintly ‘ thanks for waking me up.’ The wolf then ran away, and later returned with a haunch of meat. He dropped it in front of the orc. The orc, being gratefull and somehow knowing what the wolf wants, grabbed a small dagger from his pocket and cut the meat in two equal halves. ’Here you go…one for you, and one for me.’ The orc said and gave the half of the meat to the wolf. ’My name is gorvar…whats yours?’ he asked, only recieving the wolfs yelping. ’Wolfgen i presume’ the orc said with a smile and ate his piece of the meat.

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