The Wayfarer's Rest, also known as the Bazaar Inn is a high quality beverage service which offers rooms and entertainment. Compared to the Silvermoon City Inn in Murder Row, often used by scoundrels and the poor, The Rest is a refuge for those who prefer the cleaner things in life. Atara Dewmaker is the Barmaid to the Rest.

If you are seeking to join, just leave your name at the space provided at the bottom of this page.

Ran by Carniifex Sunstrider, the Inn is gradually growing more and more popular for the Horde in Silvermoon. Service prices are at a set base level and only the imported special reserves may vary in cost. Here is the list of some of our Services, new things will appear in time.

*Pinot Noir:2s
*Port:2s 50c
*Dwarven Stout:5s
*Mead:8s 50c
*Other imported drinks may vary on price depending on who is on shift.
*Milk:2s 50c
*Renting a Room: 50s

Interested Applicants (Character Name) Edit

  • Dæmion (The name was harshly scribbled out)


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