Stoen and Elizabeth find an object and a map pointing to Strangethorn Vale. Unable to investigate they go to Stormwind to gather a party. A spy from the 'Dark Embrace' has seen them finding the object and reports to Lashela about it. Lashela decides she needs an alliance with the Evil Horde guilds in order to obtain the object, so she will have power of the object. The rest of the good horde sense the object being found and they set up a group as well to retrieve and destroy it, not wanting it to fall into the wrong hands. Within the alliance a party is set up as well, after being notified by the restless demons in the Blasted Lands that the object has been found.

Elizabetha and Stoen can't get a team together so they ask the Scarlets, telling them about the object. Refusing to help, but now informed of the whereabouts of the object, they send the gnome Montywort follow the two and try and steal the object from them as they go. Berdrin hears of the first alliance team and does not trust them. When Stoen and Elizabeth visit him for advice, he takes the artifact to put it away so it won't fall in the wrong hands. But when he is about to hide it, he overhears a conversation by Wheeler that the artifact and the one in Ironforge will be given to the alliance team, and Berdrin rushes to collect the second artifact to give to Elizabeth and Stoen, instructing them to guard them with their lives. Confused, the two head to Stranglethorn, unsure what Berdrin meant and unaware Monty has been watching them. Meanwhile, the crimminal guild Wild Rose Society, has been hired by a mysterious woman to retrieve the five objects.

The alliance group decide on random luck to go to Stranglethorn and search there, just as both the horde teams and the Scarlets. They accidentally meet up at a random Troll ruin, where they discover they are all after the same thing, finding all artifacts and soon battle follows. Stoen and Elizabetha stumble upon them, shrug, and find the third artifact by accident. They see the spirit of Davinrad, who tells them to go to Dalaran. Monty hears this, and tells each group a lie about where the third artifact is, the furthest away from eachother and Dalaran as he can think of.

Elizabetha and Stoen arrive at Dalaran, where they are told to speak to Illidor in Darnassus. The Evil team was told by Monty to go to Auberdine, and the two are quickly spotted upon arrival. In Darnassus, the two are told by Illidor to toss the artifacts into Blackrock's lava and destroy them once and for all, handing them the fourth artifact, the fifth also being at Blackrock. On their way back to Auberdine they are cornered by The Dark Embrace but quickly saved by the Cenarion Guardians and the spirit of Davinrad. Monty sees it and frightened, he accidentally ports himself to someplace far (he had trouble with his portals before). In Rutheran they are cornered again by the Evil horde guilds, but this time Stoen makes a portal and they zip out.

The remaining groups arrive at their destinations and find nothing there. The spirit of Davinrad apears to each one, and gives them brief instructions. From there they travel back through the Barrens and 'accidentally' stumble across each other again. Another battle ensues, but Davinrad interrupts to tell them to hurry up to their desitination. Stoen and Elizabeth run to the boat, chased by the evil guilds that cornered them at Rutheran and Darnassus, who are in turn chased by the Cenarion Guardians. All teams now join in the chase.

As they pass the Wetlands, the Cenarion Guardians are stopped in their tracks by a group of wandering artists, who demand pay for their work, thus stalling them. The other guilds quickly surpass them in the race to Blackrock.

Arriving finally at Blackrock, the two find the last artifact, but the evil guilds apear demanding the artifacts. However, the good horde apears, and seeing the unbalanced oposition, attack the evil guilds. The others arrive and again the five chasing teams erupt in battle over the artifacts. Wheeler appears and demands the artifacts from Stoen and Elizabeth, but not him but Monty pries them out of their hands. A tauren accidentally pushes him into the lava and the three watch him fall, thinking it is over. They hear the sound of a Blink and fear he got away with it. But it soon turns out that it only Monty ported away and the artifacts fell down and all ends well. The story ends with celebrations.

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