Overview Edit

The Iron Blades are hiring themselves out. We are a small, well trained group of Mercenaries skilled in a wide range of things such as Explosives, stealth, marksmanship and those other less nice tactics. If your interested in contracting us send a letter to Captain Arothor Rockjaw or his second Kazhad Boltaxe. We work for fair prices of course

-The Iron Blades Mercenary company

We are a small RP community mostly around the same levels. We have a base of operations, the Maiden's virtue in Menethil Harbor. To join you have to get in touch ICly with members. We help each other level as well, usually in an IC way.

Current members Edit

Captain- ArothorRockjaw

Second- Kazhad Boltaxe

Administratior- Kykos

Mercenary- Eurybe Katheryn


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