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Act 2 Scene 1

The Final Goodbye

We see Imoen get out of her bed in Northshire, she looks at the window and sees people training she smiles, we see her put on her clothes the only part we see her put on is her tabard and her grab her sword and shield.

She walks off goes up to her horse she pats it then jumps on to it and rides off.

We then see her ride into Stormwind she reads a poster saying “My brethren, come to the park district, learn about Elune…Elune be praised!”

Then the camera spans over to the park district we see a tall night elf talking to a crowd of people Imoen turns up and quietly sits down, a few from the crowd turn to look at her and scowl.

Improvised speech of Elune is said and moments later Elizabetha turns up, she puts her hand on Imoen’s shoulder and whispers in her ear they both walk off.

Elizabetha and Imoen are seen outside the Cathedral…

Elizabetha: Sister, do you know a man named Khallid?

Imoen: Yes…

Elizabetha: [sigh] Please come this way sister.

Imoen follows Elizabetha into the Cathedral, camera cuts to them walking into a crypt. Khallid’s body is lying on a stone ledge.

Imoen: Shocked. F-Father?

Imoen runs sobbing and holds Khallid’s body

Imoen: [sob] No…oh please light no… [sob]

Elizabetha is standing next to Imoen, she puts her hand on Imoen’s shoulder

Imoen: [sob] All the things we could of done…all the things I had to say…[sob] …why? Why light have you done this? [sob] Elizabetha picks Imoen up and holds her into her arms

Elizabetha: Compassionately shhh, sister let it all out, let your tears flow threw…

Imoen cries and tries to talk but her tears drown out the words.

Imoen: [sob] he wants them all dead, he’s after me…it’s all my fault [sob]

Elizabetha: Shh…it’s not your fault…

Elizabetha embraces Imoen tightly and Imoen starts to cry even more.

Elizabetha: He loved of very much Imoen, he wanted you to be a follower of the light. He told me that he does not want to get revenge for his death that was his final wish, Imoen.

Imoen’s voice is quiet still

Imoen: Who…who did this?

There is a 5 second pause

Elizabetha: …Hejin.

Imoen’s voice quickly snaps into a rage

Imoen: That Basterd! He’ll pay I’ll-

Quickly butting in

Elizabetha: You will do no such thing sister, Khallid didn’t want this, would you go against your father’s wish?

Imoen: But he killed him! He’ll be after me next! I can’t just let him get away!

Elizabetha: The light will bring him to justice sister not revenge.

Imoen’s voice goes back to being sad and quiet

Imoen: This isn’t fair…I feel so helpless…he took away my goodbye…my last embrace…my last…last…cries

Elizabetha: Shhh…then say your goodbyes now, it is never to late-

Imoen butts in, her voice is angry

Imoen: But it’s not the same! It’s easy for YOU to tell me to give up on him!

Elizabetha: Give up? Is that what you think im asking you to do?

Imoen: …

Elizabetha: The only thing your giving up on Imoen, is the light…and Khallid’s Final wish.

Imoen starts to cry again her words are preety hard to make out

Imoen: I…I’m…sorry…I feel so alone…so helpless…I have no family left…no mother…no-

Elizabetha: Imoen…Sister…you still have THIS family you still have me, the high Emissary…they are still your family sister.

Wipes her eyes and her voice is a bit more under control

Imoen: What do I do? I feel the rage…the anger…the hate…sister…help me…

Elizabetha: Then you should train in the light, in both mind and body.

Imoen’s voice is sad and quiet

Imoen: …okay…

Elizabetha: Sister…you are not alone…we have all lost someone…were all here for you.

There is another 5 second pause

Imoen: Elizabetha…

Elizabetha: Yes?

Imoen: Could…could you be my mother…just for a while…I just-

Elizabetha: Khallid already asked me…though I don’t know how to…

Imoen’s face looks really sad and Elizabetha smiles gently at Imoen.

Elizabetha: I will be your mother for now Imoen.

Imoen and Elizabetha embrace. Imoen kneels over Khallid and kisses his forehead and starts crying again, Elizabetha holds Imoen putting her hand on the back of Imoen's head.


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