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"Khadgar? But he's dead!" Louise sounded shocked. She stared at the stranger, a tall man with golden hair, dressed entirely in white and silver platemail.

"Daughter, Khadgar was a member of the Alliance Expedition, a military venture to the orc homeworld of Draenor following the Second War, with the goal of reclaiming the Book of Medivh from Ner'zhul, and stopping the orc from opening portals to other worlds. And Khadgar still lives, in Shatrath City, Outland."

"His statue is in the Valley of Heroes, outside Stormwind?"

"Yes, child," the stranger nodded. "Along with the other leaders of the expedition, all alive and well in Outland, the name of the remains of the world of Draenor. They call themselves The Sons of Lothar, and its the Sons of Lothar who have sent me today. To you."

"Me? Why me? I'm a bad tempered apostate Scarlet Crusader recovering from a suicide attempt! What would they want with me?" Louise scowled.

"Not just you, young one. Also the one you carry. As Commander Mograine, and the Naaru D'ore both said: 'without the void, the Light cannot exist', 'can good exist without evil? Can there be light without dark?'. The stranger smiled indulgently at Louise's petulant face. Your child's parents come from both sides of the Light and the Shadow. The mother of a child of Balance does not have an easy task in this world.

The stranger nodded at Louise's belly, where the shadow of a 4 month pregnancy was hidden beneath her scarlet tabard.

"Khadgar and the other Sons of Lothar send me to you. The naaru promised a Holy Army of Light would rise to combat the Burning Legion. You will help to form that force of enlightened races to combat the ravages of the Burning Legion, to protect Outland and Azeroth, through the power of the Light. Go now to seek Arator, son of Turalyon and Alleria in Honor Hold, he has a tabard ready for you and the other Lightbringers."

"But what if I don't want to!" yelled Louise, folding her arms. "What if I think this is a load of nonsense?" she screamed in blind fury.

The stranger smiled benevolently to Louise, and made a quick gesture with one hand. A blinding white and gold flash filled the room. Louise gasped and put her hand to her belly protectively. Her body glowed with Light, and for one brief second, she imagined visions of Celestials, Naaru of shining silver and white, beings with hooded faces wearing clothes spun from Light. She saw an army, Lightbringers of Outland, parading at the Valley of Heroes, she saw a man wielding a glowing sword, clad in Light, beating back the Burning Legion of demons...

In that one second, Louise's life changed.

"... what must I do?" she asked meekly.

"Listen ..."

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