Name(s): Hadhod, Kathleen, Jospeh and Marie Axehamerer.

Race: Half-dwarf

Afflication: Alliance


Hadgar Axehamerer (Father) and Adellia Grimshore/Axehamerer (Mother)

Grandmother: Samone - An elderly lady, suspected to reside in Stormwind. (Mage)

Grand Father: David - Where abouts unknown, it is rumoured that after the death of his second wife and brother he joined the Scarlet Crusade. (Paladin)

Uncles: Mark - A warrior who now resides with his own family in Darnassus

       Gorvar- a orc who's mate is Adellia's dead sister.
       Simon- lives in Stormwind with Samone, twin of Sophie

Aunts: Condemption Adellia's sister who joined the Forsaken

      Sophie- Twin of simon, lives in Stormwind

Occupation Hadhod is a todler of four years old. Eldest of thre family. Kathleen is a three year old girl. The twins Joseph and Marie are both only one year old. All hold the occupation of cudly young children.


Hadhod was the first son of Adellia and Hadgar, he was named after Hadgars father and shows signs of a warrior. Kathleen is named after Adellia's dead sister who sacrificed herself to help the people in the Grimshores former home. she shows early signs of a warlock. The twins were born not long from eac other, Joseph was one hour earlier born then his sister Marie. They dont have any signs yet.

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