Name Edit

Stamen Brightriver


Physical Traits Edit

Green Hair, neatly trimmed beard. A knowing smile, and warm expression. Taller than the average elf.

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf Druid.

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Advisor in Cenarion Circle.


Long and distinguished Family History

Background Edit

Inspired by the leadership of Malfurion Stormrage, Stamen studied as a druid for several years. Along with the other druids, he entered the Emerald Dream for some time, and woke to the battle of Mount Hyjal. Since that time, he has been based in Feathermoon Stronghold, and especially interested in the ogre invasion of nearby Feralas.

Family Background Edit

Recently mortal, Stamen considers all druids his family.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

Does not speak Common.

Current Status Edit

Abiding in Darnassus.

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