Sorrell 'Little Crow' Tahlequah her given name... from her time in the Barrens.

'Little Crow'... is the 'translated' common name given to her by the Tauren Shaman Gallium Redshank... to the Tauren it conveys her clumsy 'cawing' speech, her suprising intelligence and foretells her ultimate fate as a portent, as a harbringer of doom and death. the non slave name given to her by Yumi, the only link with her family and past.

Sorrell does not know her birth name.

Physical TraitsEdit

Sorrell is tall and athletic...She has long unruly jet black, and an unusualy dark complexion, this marks her as an outsider amongst the human peoples of the Alliance territories. Sorrell has countless old scars covering her thighs and back, the result of sadistic beatings and lashings in her early childhood. At the base of her back and on each hip a small rune is branded into her flesh...these healing wards were crafted by Gallium Redshank to counter the debilitating physical effects of the scaring, though not the psychological scars Sorrell carries. Sorrell also has several body piercings...reminders of her time living at the Camp Taurajo, these identified her 'sponsor' to others within the clan... Sorrell continues to wear these small silver bands out of respect to Gallium, and a sense of regret at her absence.






... Unknown... but due to the increasingly frequent and clumsy attention she experiences from men she thinks late teens...




'Nootka'.... her rescued Siamese cat, and her best friend... Caged, starving and covered in sores...Sorrell immediately released Nootka... Sorrell sees Nootka as a talisman a free spirit, and a symbol of hope and beauty.

'Snowy'... a snowshoe rabbit... a gift from her 'angel' when sepperated from her love, despite any distance between them 'Snowy' is a warm gentle comfort to her.


Sorrell is a contented and proud sister in the 'Black Rose Coven'...a female only sisterhood.




Mining and Engineering


Sorrell was sold into slavery by Pirates as an infant, raised in a slave pen she has no memory of any family or kin. Due to the harsh nature of her upbringing she was unable to form close attatchments or emotional bonds, with the exception of Yumi her pen mother. On a clear sharp Spring morning in her early childhood the slave caravan trespassed into Tauren lands, they paid with their lives...Sorrell kept her eyes closed during the fight, but can still hear every clash of arms, every roar, scream and plea for mercy. When she opened her eyes terror struck her dumb, unblinking silence overtook her... naked, shivering her head shaved, her body scarrified and bruised, her legs twisted she awaited her death... a final release. During the following seasons Sorrell became aware of her place within her new world, she was ignored by the majority of the clan, but tolerated by an elder crone... Galium Redshank. In return for food and shelter she cleaned cooked and obeyed Gallium, she was protected, sponsored... as she grew stronger she found a peace, her place in the world. ...However Sorrell's world ended in flames... a suprise Alliance cavalry raid tore through the settlement... Gallium along with the other elders and defenders fought hard to protect the young and infirm, but they were too few soon they were swept aside, as warm blood seeped into the earth at her feet, Sorrell's world was stained black... Sorrell again forced her eyes shut, willing her self invisible as the voices approached, rigid with shock still clutching the warm soft body of Gallium she was dragged away... harsh laughter as she was recognised as human... she was liberated. Just after dawn Sorrell waited listening... soon it would all end... she had made her choice the die were cast. The officer had decided her fate, she was to be the spoils of war... she crouched waiting... patient... she could feel the soft rumble in the distance, she waited anticipating the crashing wave, the furious crescendo of bullets, arrows, bolts and axes as the hunting parties herded and drew the Alliance soldiers into an ambush. This was their land, they used it to grind the soldiers like a pestle and mortar, confusion was rife... revenge was brutal... blood answered blood. Sorrell waited motionless crouching naked in the corner of the tent, eyes still wide... her face blank expresionless, her breathing measured steady, she was resigned to her fate, hair still matted by Gallium's life blood hung over her eyes... a stolen dagger ready unwavering in one hand... a guard moaning on the dark earth his hands attempting to push his steaming entrails back into his stomach... an officer draped across his mattress, in a state of undress... his head tilted back in a mocking smile his throat slit ear to ear... An old familiar face emerged... a Shaman steps forward, he takes the knife, wraps Sorrell in his cloak and walking her outside he lifts her onto his Kodo, slowly he walks alongside the great beast... Sorrell returns home... 'Little Crow' is accepted back into the clan... she labours... she endures... she learns... she grows... then one Spring morning the old Shaman presents her with that knife, her knife... she nods... bundles up her few belongings... a tear... a smile.. she turns and sets off for Theramore... for 'civilisation'


Sorrell was born into slavery, sepperated from family at birth. She was raised by a blind pen mother 'Yumi'... she remembers fragmented images from the stories Yumi sang to the children each night, but has no tangiable link to her past. Recently Sorrell has acknowledged the debt she owes to her close friends within the guild, Nataleia and Gwawrwen... their love and support have nurtured a generosity of spirit hidden deep within Sorrell... and focused within hera fierce unquestioning loyalty towards her sisters.

Criminal recordEdit

Sorrell was recently arrested and plead guilty to charges of assault, theft, resisting arrest, criminal damage and two counts of murder following an incident near the docks in Theramore... However due to the intervention of a witness who testified to the events that lead up to the incident, Sorrell's sentence was commuted to a minor custodial imprisonment, with 'nominal' financial reparations... though Sorrell was firmly 'advised' to leave the district immediately upon her release. Since her arrival in Stormwind, Sorrell has been cautioned for assault and demanding monies with menace... however charges were not pressed, due to the fortunately chauvanistic nature of her 'victims'. Since joining the Black Rose Coven' Sorrell's eyes have been opened to a more socialy responsible path in life. A recent return visit to Theramore resulted in a pitched bar room brawl with several patrons injured and two sailors seriously injured, Sorrell fled the scene with blood still cooling on her hands, fearing charges of attempted murder she has vowed never to return. On a lighter note she has achived noteriety within the ranks of the 'bloodsail pirates' and is has a bounty on her head... Sorrell appears to relish the 'sport' of hunting them down in the Stranglethorn jungles... 'old habits' die hard it seems.

Personal notesEdit

Sorrell is quick, alert and lively, she is untempered by formal education. At presently she can neither read nor write, although she is learning with the helpand patience of her sisters. Sorrell is enthralled by songs, stories and poetry, however she has no knowledge of academic sciences such as Science, History, Geography or Culture... Sorrell is currently fascinated with Engineering, the 'trial and error' nature of experimentation, its immediacy, its danger... and its more 'explosive' results.

Sorrell is a vegetarian...

Current statusEdit

Since joining the 'BlackRose Coven' Sorrell is learning to read and write under the patient mentoring of her sisters. Sorrell has excelled at engineering, selecting the suprising path of Gnomish engineering, hopefully this demonstrates a facination in the world arround her, and a tempering of her more destructive violent impulses... Sorrell has also found her soul mate... and is experiencing the joys of true love, a contented gentle love that fills her world with happiness and a sense purpose. For Sorrell the future is so beautiful and so clear... she has left a life of coldness and pain behind her.


Chaotic Good

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