Name Edit

Snakefing Giantsbane

Introduction Edit

SnkMounted SnkDancing

The person Snakefing can be difficult to immediately place. In appearance he is a proud gnome, standing 1.17 metres tall, often wearing self-engineered articles of clothing. His most prominent trademark are the goggles he wears, without which he is seldom seen. His passion for mechanical invention supplies him with the ingenious, and often, hair-brained devices that surround him. This quirky array of mechanical gadgets, coupled with his warped sense of humour often portrays the image of an eccentric jester.

But to Snakefing, as to most things, there is more than meets the eye. When he is not hovering over his newest schematics, Snakefing can often be found hidden in the shadows, tracking various enemies of justice, awaiting the correct moment to unleash his fury. A highly skilled practicioner of covert traditions, he is by many seen as a rogue extraordinaire. He can infiltrate the most highly secured locations, and is able to take down a giant with only a few strikes of the dagger. Always aided by his mechanical inventions, he ventures forth on assignments considered impossible by others.

Professions Edit

Accomplished engineer, member of the Mechanical Engineering Guild, Associated

Miner, member of the Deepforge Mining Guild

Manufacturer, partner of "Cheap Shot Manufacturing", a trade cartel dealing with engineering goods

Writer and printing operator, FTW - The Manifest of Machismo

Heritage Edit

Of unknown heritage

Guild Edit

Snakefing is an Anvil Master of Axe and Anvil

Background Edit

Little is known about Snakefing's past. He goes by the name of Snakefing, which is probably self-coined, and therefore, no records of his ancestry can be found. Some say he was an orphan, and that he obtained his shady talents growing up on the streets of Ironforge. Others say he was born into a mining family in the former village of Frostshire in Dun Morogh. Whatever the rumours tell, Snakefing himself presents himself as being from Gnomeregan. He is reluctant to speak of his family background, and in all probability the details of his past are known only to his closest confidants, if even them.

The first known record in which he is mentioned, is in the annals of Brewnall Village, wherein it is stated that Snakefing helped the villagers to clear the forest of beasts that were becoming a dangerous threat to the village.

He is also mentioned in the militia logs of Sentinel Hill, portrayed as playing a key role in the elimination of Van Cleef, the evil leader of the Defias Threat.

A legend exists among the Kobold race, about the small man who felled the Giant Fozruk and his kobold watchers in a ferocious battle in the Arathi Highlands. This man is known to the kobolds as Shnek'Fim, and it is told that he used strange mechanical artifacts to defeat the giant. Whether this legend refers to Snakefing is debatable, but the pieces certainly fit. The fact that he has named himself Giantsbane for surname does corroborate this.

Morals and beliefs Edit

Snakefing is known to be fiercely loyal to those he holds dear, and seems to enjoy the same sense of loyalty from them. He treats the people he meets with respect, and expects the same in return. He is committed to protecting the innocent, and upholding justice, even if this means going against the establishment. For this reason, he is not always on the right side of the law.

His guiding light in life is the pursuit for technological innovation. He has invented several remarkable devices and seems to have an irrational faith in their reliability, despite the fact that they often are not reliable at all. This blind faith however, seems to help him escape deadly situations time after time. He treats many of his inventions as living beings, and will firmly argue that there is life in machines.

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