Lady Narcissa Wrenchwhistle

Physical TraitsEdit

Like all gnomes, Narcissa, Sis to friends, is just a small woman. She has greyish-blue hair, with two tails. She usually wears her battle gear. She is known though to wear a lovely red dress, but only for special occasions. Apart from that, she has no special physical traits, thus making it easy to blend into the masses.

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome rogue


Campaign leader of the Equal Heights Campaign, former council member of the Orange Dragon Order.


Lives in Ironforge, in a house bought together with her fiancé of that time. She has hope her parents are still alive somewhere in Gnomeregan, although she has never found them, nor heard any news of them from fellow travellers to Gnomeregan.

Her last name, Wrenchwhistle, is a tribute to her favourite uncle, at whose house she stayed during the disaster in Gnomeregan. Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle was later forced to work for the Venture Co. in the Stonetalon Mountains. Even though he is a goblin and the marriage between him and Narcissa's aunt caused quite a stir in Gnomish society, she occasionally tries to visit her uncle in the Stonetalon Mountains.

Narcissa earned the title "Lady" for her council work in the Orange Dragon Order. She is not of noble birth.

Criminal RecordEdit

Clean, as far as Narcissa knows.

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