Silmarwyn Anori Darkstorm


Silmarwyn Anori Darkstorm

Physical TraitsEdit

Average height for other Sin'dorei, her eyes are deep jade coloured with reddish golden hair.

Complexion that is darker than some, her lips are striking and dark awlays curled in a slight smirk as she walks through Silvermoon City.

Silmarwyn is 220 years old having passed into adulthood some time ago.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei, Shadow Knight / Paladin


House Darkstorm



House Darkstorm


Jeselith Darkstorm - Brother


Lady Eshteheru Darkstorm

Lord Rag'Thas Darkstorm

Distant Relative:

Entriia Darkstorm - Unknown releation as of present


Family BackgroundEdit

The Darkstorm family is an old family that goes back before the sundering. The clan has been spread considerably but now little of them remain.

Silmarwyn along with a small number of the clan traveled across the new sea to modern day Lordaeron and became what are now the Sin'dorei. With the coming of the Scourge the Darkstorm family estate was directly in their path, all of her family but Silmarwyn and one sibling were killed.

Criminal RecordEdit

Personal NotesEdit

Silmarwyn has a thirst for vengance for her fallen comrades, this combined with her own cravings for more power has driven her to follow the path she has taken.

Silmarwyn is cruel and cold to those who stand in her way, though she can be loving and caring to her brother and those she allows in her inner circle.

She has a strong hatered for Humanity and those of the Alliance she sees have failed her people, she cares little for the work of the Horde; using them as a means to her own end in her pursuit of vengance.

In her thirst for power she has allowed herself to embrace the dark arcane corrupting her powers and turning her to the Shadow; which she views as the true path to glory and restoring her people.

Current StatusEdit

The small known survivors of the Darkstorm clan have gathered themselves in what remains of Silvermoon city.

The past rivalry between Silmarwyn and her cousin Eshteheru has been rekindled with both glaring and shooting each other sharp tongued comment much to the disbelief of Silmarwyn's younger brother Jeselith.

Silmarwyn with the remaining family are currently discussing how to strengthen and rebuild the family to its former glory; though Silmarwyn would be content just to get Eshteheru married off and out of her brother’s way.

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