Silenthoof Plainstrider

Physical TraitsEdit

A large amount of Grey Hair covers his scalp and mane.He has a few scars on his face, and his eyes are always covered by a wolf helm. He is large for his size and age, he is 6'5ft and he is ~60 human years old.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren hunter


Councillor of Bloodhoof Guardians


Skinner and Leatherworking


Silenthoof never knew any of his family, an orphan.


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Family BackgroundEdit

Silent doesnt know of his background, as he is an orphan of war.

Criminal RecordEdit

None as yet...although it has been heard he has killed a fair few people in his time...

Personal NotesEdit

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Current StatusEdit

Silenthoof is currently resting in Silvermoon, in the company of his friends.

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