Name Edit

Druid Shadow Windfury

Physical Traits Edit

Shadow is thin, but toned and slightly muscular; she has medium length snow white hair and is slightly taller than average Kaldorei.

Her facial markings denote her druidic background, her eyes burn brightly as do others of her kin.

Shadows features suggest that she has only just reached adulthood.

Race and Class Edit

Kaldorei (Night Elf) / Druid

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Shadow is skilled in Alchemy and Herbology.

Family Edit

Shadow is the youngest of four children born to Nienna and Amras Windfury.

Nienna died in the Maelstrom with several others in her company, leaving Amras to raise their young children in the forests of Ashenvale.

Amras a skilled hunter left to provide for his children, but never returned to them leaving his eldest son Angrod to raise his siblings.

Angrod favoured his other sisters more than Shadow making her development stunted and causing her to finally leave the family behind to walk the forests alone.

Background Edit

Shadow entered the Cenarion Circle vowing to serve loyally and follow the path of the Druids.

She has served the Silverwing Sentinels briefly; though leaving them to pursue her own battle against the corruption that she sees all around her.

Personal Notes Edit

The rumours of the Scarlet Crusade trying to enter the Temple of Elune in Darnassus enraged the young Druid causing her to argue with the elders of the Cenarion Circle and doubting the abilities of the Sentinels to protect them from the Crusade.

Shadow left Darnassus after a heated exchange with Arch Druid Staghelm, vowing never to return until she has seen the corruption dealt with; something she sees as her personal duty to Elune.

She then took upon herself the title ‘Cleanser of Corruption’ and set out for the city of Stormwind to confront those she views as the worst corruption of nature.

Shadow in the begining refused to speak common viewing it as lesser to her native tongue; however she now speaks it in a broken form as she refused any instruction in speaking the tongue of the Alliance.

Current Status Edit

Shadows first act of cleansing was against a female warlock that was guarded by her demonic minion in the Gilded Rose Inn.

The warlock called out for aid uttering the name Entriia as Shadow tried to silence her dragging her from the Inn by her throat into the open streets.

Entriia was contacted by Shadow via her Druidic powers and was promised a reward for harming the warlock.

Since that time the female warlock has survived and Shadow has meet with Entriia in eager anticipation of her reward, but her reward was something that Shadow could not comprehend.

Shadow is often found prowling the city in search of something to quench her hunger, but only getting what she needs from Entriia after long hours of pain and suffering leaving her in a Feral state unable to use some of her Druidic powers, until it is all taken away by the powers that her fellow Druid posses.

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