Sergeant Halcha

Height: 6’4ft

Age 7055

she is one of the short for her kind, but gains a large amount of respect even from her superiors, when she talks there sturdiness in her voice, if she shouts it sends shivers down the spine of even the bravest people, but usually she is seen with a smile on her face, also she has silver markings of butterflies on her face, her hair is long and silver, usually she is seen wielding a sword and shield, on the shield in scripted with “Elune guide me to victory”

she was born a Natural fighter and a natural leader, being able to inspire just about anyone, her mother was a sentinal and her father a hunter, both of which trained her through out her life to fight with a sword and shield.

after the battle of Hyjal where her father was killed and her mother eventually of illness, she was promoted to sergeant due to her skill and determination at the battle, also being given the chance to lead a small group which she gladly accepted

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