Alliancecrest small Serenais
Title(s) Regent Keeper of the Moonshine Guild
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Class Paladin
Age 30
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation Draenei, Aldor, her guild, loosely Alliance and Argent Crusade, formerly Hand of Argus
Occupation Guild leader, Cook, Blacksmith
Status Alive
Relative(s) Switaar (father, missing), Mesaari (mother, missing), Sonateis (sister, missing), Teloros (fiancé, deceased)


Serenais, which, purposedly, means "Gifted by Peace". She has been occasionally called "The Seeker", but, even to her, the origin of such nickname is unknown.

Serenais uses no titles, though, by her position with the Moonshine Guild, she is entitled to the title of Lady Regent Keeper (of the Moonshine Guild).

When needed to be adressed ceremonially, she is called Lady Serenais of Telredor, Regent Keeper of the Moonshine Guild.

"Who needs a title? You have dozens of lords, hundreds of sirs... But there is only one Serenais."

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei paladin.


Regent Keeper of the Moonshine Guild. Outside her official duities, she is a cook and occasional smith.

"There are so many uses for a hearth..."

Formerly a vindicator in services of Hand of Argus. After the Battle of the Vector Coil, Serenais no longer considers herself part of the organisation.

Physical traitsEdit

Serenais by dekodun I

Serenais by Dekodun/Blawdgarm

Serenais is one of the first born after the Aldor retook Shattrath, puting her age slightly below 30 human years. Serenais has slightly youthful appearance, though apparently older than most of Draenei of same age. She is of an average build, a bit shorter than usual for Draenei women.

Serenais is usually seen in her armor - and some say she wears it all the time. That, however, is not entirely true. In sparse moments of privacy, she wears simplier robes, and for civil matters, less simple ones. The reason behind wearing an armor (and a shield to that) is rather simple - she believes herself to look best in such. In any case, she tries to keep her attire as tidy as possible, believing that the state of it will be the first impression any stranger will get.

Serenais usually stands straight, possibly trying to seem a bit taller than she is. Combined with her usually serious expression (at least she has that one when meeting a stranger), she might seem slightly intimidating to most Azerothians. She keeps her hair longer, however, she ties it so that it does not interfere with her vision.

Her voice has a distant feeling of "a hidden melody", though, when talking in Common, it is obscured by her occasional Draenei accent. She tries to keep her Common as accentless as possible, but it is often tough for someone who grew up in Shattrath.

Serenais' face has very little extraordinary features, besides the (for Draenei women common) exact symmetry. She rarely wears any decorations or make-up.

"If they find me beautiful, then I don't need paint and sparklers on my face. And if they don't, well, paint and sparklers won't help anyway."


Serenais would describe herself as an ordinary Draenei, just not a devoutly religious. When facing a stranger, Serenais keeps serious tone. When angry, she gets diplomatic - in fact, she very rarely swears or uses vulgar language (partially because that part of Common is mostly uknown to her). When among friends, on the other hand, Serenais is cheerful, and prone to giggle.

Serenais tends to be perfectionistic in matters that consider wellbeing of her friends, her being a paladin, cook and smith; on the other hand, she does at times neglect her own wellbeing, seeing many things as overly luxurious - not that she would shun luxury. She is prone to collect items that have sentimental value to her, even though she has little use for them. In a few cases, she spent horrendous sums for such items.

As due to her age, Serenais keeps some eagerness of the young Draenei, but as most survivors of the Exodar crash, she lost most of her youthfullness during the strife to stay alive afterwards. From the first weeks in Ammen Valley, Serenais carries a phobia of seeing others suffer, causing her to either try to help franticaly, or break down if she can't. As a side-effect, Serenais specialized herself in protection school of paladin teachings and style of combat.


Serenais was born on the lake that used to exist where now is the Dead Mire, in Zangarmarsh, during a fishing trip that took her parents longer than expected. She spent her childhood in Lower City of Shattrath, outside of which her father kept an orchard, which was the family's main source of income. When Serenais was still a small child, her mother gave birth to another daughter, Sonateis, of which Serenais grew very quickly fond of. When Serenais reached fourteen years of age, she begun helping her father sell fruit on Shattrath's main marketplace. There, several years later, she met Teloros, young aldor priest. It didn't take the two much time to fall in love with each other. After nearly a year of seeing each other, Teloros asked Serenais to marry him, to which she answered with a very happy Yes. Before the pair could plan their marriage, though, Velen called to the Aldor for an expedition to the Tempest Keep, and Teloros was one of those who did listen. Serenais, much to her parents' dismay, insisted on following him. Even though the mission was ill-fated, as history recorded, Teloros and Serenais made it to Exodar unharmed. During the flight of the vessel, the pair made their way to the Cryo Core, which was, besides others, also a place with great view. It was there where they were when the dimension engine of Exodar failed. Teloros pressed Serenais into an escape module just second before the force of re-entry separated Cryo Core from the main body of the vessel.

She survived. He didn't.

Serenais never speaks of what followed until after the Battle of the Vector Coil, though records show that it is her who is believed to have slain the eredar Sironas, based on testimony of demolitionist Legioso. Shortly thereafter, Serenais left Azuremyst archipelago for Kalimdor, and spent nearly a year alone, mostly on the eastern coast. She was in Feathermoon Stronghold, when she was contacted by Vaelis, young priestess of Elune and then-leader of the Moonshine Guild. Serenais didn't rise through the ranks of the guild quickly. However, after some time, she became part of the triumvirate that led the guild, with Vaelis and Polaaris, who on Vaelis' request, became the topmost figure of the guild. During that time, Serenais made several friends - paladin Cidcus Rehau, shaman Janah Firebloom and mage Juliska Whitefreezee, among others.

Several months later, Polaaris became missing, and Vaelis assumed office of the guild's leader again. Unfortunatelly, Vaelis herself shortly after fell ill with a strange sickness that forbode her from her duties as the guild's leader. She then designated Serenais as her successor, in order to keep the office until Vaelis' daughter could take it for herself. Vaelis' daughter, however, left the guild before such could happen. The name of the office, which Serenais chose - the Regent Keeper - however remained, and Serenais holds it to this day.

Guild matters were not all that Serenais attended to. Shortly after her admission into the Moonshine guild, Serenais learned of the Dark Portal, and more importantly, where it led. She left immediatelly for Outland and Shattrath, hoping to reunite with her familly there. To her shock, she didn't find any of her relatives. Even the house that she grew up in wasn't there, much like the orchard that her father kept. Soon after, Serenais learned that both were destroyed during brief siege of Shattrath by forces of Illidan Stormrage and Kael'thas Sunstrider, whom she held responsible. It didn't take mcuh urge for Serenais to cooperate with the Shattered Sun Offensive, and she was present during slaying of the False Prince. During that time, Serenais bought both houses she nowadays owns. After a short time of calm, Serenais joined the Valliance Expedition with much of her guild, and nowadays cooperates with the Argent Crusade.


Father - Switaar, missing

Mother - Mesaari, missing

Sister - Sonateis, missing

Fiancé - Teloros, deceased

Family BackgroundEdit

Switaar and Mesaari were two of the luckier draenei, that were neither slain or poisoned during the Siege of Shattrath. Switaar was a senior warrior, while Mesaari was an Aldor priestess. They both were present when the Aldor retook the city from the Horde, after which they bought a house on the city's outskirts. Switaar soonafter bought an orchard and retired from his life of warring, so that he could raise a familly with his wife.

Neither of Serenais' parents or her fiancé were members of any aristocratic house, though it is mentioned that Switaar was born before the draenei arrived in Draenor.

Criminal RecordEdit


Personal NotesEdit

Serenais owns two houses, one in Telredor, the other in Starfall Village, in Winterspring. For this reason, she is on rare ocassions called Serenais of Starfall by Night elves. She also owns a white gryphon, whom she named "Snowy". Snowy tends to be adventurous, and occasionally steals house equipement, mistaking it for chew toys.