Alliancecrest small Selmaya Proudstrider
Gender Female
Race Kaldorei
Age 522
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Occupation Freelancer
Status Alive
Relative(s) All deceased


Selmaya Proudstrider

Physical TraitsEdit

Selmaya is as most kaldorei a beautiful woman although she is scarred by many battles. She is 6 feet and 5 inches tall. Her body looks trained, strong but also very agile, by the looks of it you can tell she trains often and takes good care of it.

With her pale purple skin, long purple hair and mysterious face and eyes she can be a lust to the eyes of many men. Although the look on her face is not very inviting and shows she doesn't care much. The scar that slices down her right cheek and many other scars on the rest of her body show that she is not the typical girl who sits around being pretty.

With her shoulders pinned confidently back, she walks with a light-footed gait as if constantly on guard, the long and faded scar that slices down her right cheek serving as a permanent reminder of the consequences of being lax. When her armor or clothing is removed you can find many scars on her body, reminding her of battles in the past.

Race and ClassEdit

Kaldorei/ Rogue





All deceased.


Former sentinel captain, former Peace Keeper.

Selmaya doesn't speak much about her history.

Family BackgroundEdit

Proudstriders have a long history of strong soldiers and sentinels.

Criminal RecordEdit

Attempted Homocide.

Personal NotesEdit

Current StatusEdit

Quite lazy, enjoying her life. Looking for something new to focus on.

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