Name Edit

Satrianna Grimfeather

Physical Traits Edit

Satrianna is a rather beautyfull woman with a sligtly haughty expression in her face. She has long lightbrown hair and tends to meet most people with a rather detached attitude.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock

Guild Edit

Satrianna is not currently member of any guild. She has been member of Mercenary Alliance but has left because of some differences about a personal enterprise of hers.

Occupation Edit

Satrianna does a little tailoring from time to time. She occasionally accepts some odd jobs now and then but her main plans are to gain power and status in the region of Dun Morogh


Satrianna is the sole child of Slade and Gwyn Grimfeather. The family is originally from Booty Bay but has been forced to move to Auberdine, when Satrianna was a young girl because of her fathers loss of employment.

Background Edit

Satrianna has spent most of her childhood in Auberdine and has attended the local school. The local community consists predominantly of elves and as her family (espescially her father) never came to be quite accepted by the community, Satrianna has developed a deep distrust for elves. In time this distrust has spread to include anyone with distinct beliefs in morality, aestethics, purity etc. She is beginning to think of such concepts as illusions designed to make weaker people abstain from seeking power for themselves.

Satrianna moved from Auberdine as a young woman with the dream of developing her powers as a warlock and gain status, so everyone who has ever been looking down at her sneering will have to come to fear and respect her.

She is developing a fascination with the teachings of the forgotten shadow and firmly believes that the only true and real goals worth pursuing is that of power and balance.

Deep down and unnoticed by herself she is developing a feeling of emptyness and loneliness. She will tend to blame this weakness on others manipulations.

Family Background Edit

Brief summary of family history. Satriannas father Slade is originally from Booty Bay. He has been growing up around the harbour and learned a few tricks here and there. As a grown man he got work as a dockworker. The reason why he lost this job is rather unclear. All Satrianna remembers is that he came home one evening and announced that they were moving away for good.

Satriannas mother Gwyn is a farmers daughter from Redridge. In the pursuit of a more exciting line of occupation she moved to Booty Bay as a young woman where she quickly got work as an assisting barmaid, untill she met Slade and they married.

Criminal Record Edit

Satrianna has not yet been convicted of anything. At the moment though she is held for questioning by Mercenary Alliance regarding the theft of a necklace (originally belonging to Camci).

Personal Notes Edit

Satrianna might have warm feelings for a handsome elven hunter named Marco. She is not likely to admit to such feelings though. Espescially since Marco seems infected with this disease of illusion, weakening him with notions about love and caring and preventing him from seeing reality.

Current Status Edit

Satrianna has up untill a few days ago been detained by the Mercenary Alliance for questioning. She has now been freed by a close friend and are now trying to recover after the loss of her lifetime opportunity of realising her dreams.

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