The Spirit Chaser in action.

Name Edit

Sahdaukar Starfall "The Spirit Chaser"

Physical Traits Edit

Big, blue and with demonic looking horns. But don't let his appearance scare you.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei Shaman

Guild Edit

Unguilded at the moment.

Occupation Edit

Skinner, Leatherworker, Cook and fisherman. Sahdaukar is a man of many trades.


Unknown, there are no complete records so far of who survived the crash.

Background Edit

Born and raised on Draenor, within the walls of Shattrath. But he didn't stay there for long as the spirits of the wilds were calling to him. The elder Draenei send him off to Nagrand to seek the Earthen Ring and start the rites to become a Shaman. It took him many years but he passed and then started wandering over the world, using the spirits as his guide (which is why his past friends jokingly called him "the Spirit Chaser").

He was far from the habited world during the corruption of the Orcish race and the destruction of Shattrath. He returned to a burning city when the spirits of Draenor guided him back to the place of his birth. He then learned about the existance of Tempest Keep and joined a small group of refugees to reach it before the Horde would reach it.

He joined the defense force of Tempest Keep shortly after he reached the place. He ignored the spirits to protect the Draenei stronghold as long as he could against everything that threatened it. He was placed under command of Freedon Kahn'Tar. He didn't like Kahn'Tar, for he was an insane Draenei, who still clinged to forgotten days. Sahdaukar was surprised that the Tempest Keep high command temporarily reinstated such a madman. So Sahdaukar kept as far away from him as he could and helped the women, children and injured in the Exodar wing instead....and the rest is history.

Criminal Record Edit

Sahdaukar has no criminal record.

Personal Notes Edit

A gentle outdoorsman that wanders where the spirits of Azeroth (and Draenor) guide him. He hasn't visited cities often in hs life, so he is always a bit overwhelmed when visiting one.

Current Status Edit

Wandering around Azeroth, chasing the spirits once more.

Inspiration for Sahdaukar Edit

The name is an obvious reference to the Imperial Elites, the Sardaukar from Dune. The character itself is turning out to be some sort of combination between Samuel Vimes and Carrot from the Discworld books. Slightly heroic, slightly naïve, smart and well...odd. But what do you expect from someone that talks to the wind and has lived most of his life without civilisation?

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