Character List



The Central DuoEdit

Elizabetha - A blind Paladin and Saint. She will defend everyone, and help anyone who needs help.

Stoen - A stuttering, unsecure, shy Gnome who says sorry a lot. Ends up finding all the Drolrevo Liveytsan garments.

The Alliance ArmyEdit

Wheeler/Telrunya - An old Count who just can't have enough power. He will do anything to get it.(Is in the Assembly of Stormwind)

The Dark EmbraceEdit

Lashela - Evil Witch. She leads the Shadowy Cult called the Dark Embrace. Knows of Elizabetha and hates her with every fiber of her being. Knows about the legend of Drolrevo Liveytsan, and wants to have the power of his garments.

Zumi - Lashela's Right Hand, always by her side.

Augustus - First Council of the Dark Embrace.

Annarima - Second Council of the Dark Embrace.

Fredon - Third Council of the Dark Embrace.

Nirofen - Gnome of the Dark Embrace.

Entriia - Ex-druid of the Dark Embrace.

Spy 1 - Finds out that Stoen found the Staff of Drolrevo Liveytsan.

Unspeakable Villainy and Awakening of ChaosEdit

Esme - Godmother of a secretive and crimminal mafia-like group in Brill. Has a Tarot Card that tells her what she needs to know. Having spies everywhere, she has obviously heard of the Legend of Drolrevo Liveytsan.

Camci - Leader of Awakening of Chaos. Really well known for melting faces, and aparently allied to Esme's group.

Thrall's lotEdit

Ktalard - Leader of the Bloodhoof Guardians, who... guard Bloodhoof? Having Tauren Druid aquaintances, knows of the Legend of Drolrevo Liveytsan. Believes they should destroy the garments

Jaen - Tauren who will alternate between Spiritual Guide and Zealot Alliance-hater. Gets contanct from a mysterious earth spirit that turns out to be Davinrad. Believes they should use the garments against the Alliance.

Snorkyorky - Not the most intelligent Orc, but willing to do the right thing. Is often drunk and talking to strangers and being a cop in silvermoon.

Scarlet MissionEdit

Habeus - High Emissary of the Scarlet Mission. Pretends to be good, but is really just as evil as the rest of them. (Is in the Assembly of Stormwind) Knows all about the garments of Drolrevo Liveytsan, and wants them for himself.

Montywort - A Gnome, who thinks he is a Human and who desperately wants to join the Scarlet Crusade. Is full of himself.

Magwitch - The Head Preacher, who talks really loud and with a lot of Umph!

Dufferin - Does all the beaurocratic stuff for the Mission.

Cenarion GuardiansEdit

Illidor - Leader of the Cenarion Guardians. Very wise. Know everything that there is to know about Drolrevo Liveytsan. The only one who knows where the Robe of Drolrevo Liveytsan is.

Almalodaka - Warden of the Cenarion Guardians.


The Rest of the Assembly of StormwindEdit

Richeron - High Chancellor of the Assembly of Stormwind. Nice person with a very posh accent.

Berdrin - Dwarf representing the Explorer's League. Doesn't trust Wheeler/Telrunya. Married to Fae. Knows where the Gauntlets of Drolrevo Liveytsan are hidden.

((Work in progress))

Legendary charactersEdit

Drolrevo Liveytsan (Adenor Windstopper) - Created the Gauntlets, Robe, Boots, Hood and Staff of endless power. Went insane, hid the garments randomly and put an insane curse on them... then fell down the stairs and died.

Yllis Gnith - First found the Gauntlets, and the Robe of Drolrevo Liveytsan.

Frawd Frothbeard - Took the Gauntlets of Drolrevo Liveytsan and hid them under piles of bureocracy. Later, told Berdrin, who didn't take it very seriously, and just let the gauntlets remain under piles of bureocracy.

Egam Naralad - Dalaran Mage who told his nephew something of the legend of Drolrevo. Died soon later, as he was forced to tell Lashela what he knew.

Knight of the Silver Hand - Wanted to collect the artifacts. Later joined the crusade and met Habeus.


Somebody Naralad - Egam Naralad's nephew. Keeps in touch with Illidor.

Teliviel TarShaila - Scarab Lady of Azeroth and leader of the Dragonslayers.

Fae Ratbane Leafrunner Stormspanner - Elven wife of Berdrin. Has had a rather nasty past with Esme.

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