By Faction and By Order of Apearence

Primary Characters

  • Stoen (Good...I hope)
  • Elizabetha Istro (Good)

The Alliance Army

  • Nathaniel 'Telrunya' Wheeler (Slightly Evil)(B)
  • Lord Thorack Bloodaxe (Good)
  • Faldora Koksbang (Confusing)
  • Seynard Stormblade (Good)

(Needs MUCH more) (Hoping to get the Knights Ascendant's help, even though it's practically dead now...)

The Very Evil Faction

  • Lashela Alania (Evil)(B)
  • Damien Lee Ormsby Pike
  • Mr. Jebwinkle Pilfoodle.
  • Esme Underwood (Evil) (B)
  • Camci Mephistopheles (Evil)(B)

(Plus their Guilds)

Scarlet Crusade

  • Margret 'Magwitch' Caevonic (Scarlet)
  • Habeus DeMontfort (Scarlet)(B)
  • Montywort Thandrel (Scarlet)(B)

(And the rest of the Guild)

Will Steal For Money

  • Janner Pike (Unlawful)(B)
  • Lady Quintessa Ann Lescovar (Doesn't know she is in this group)

(Plus The Wild Rose Society)

Good and Alliance that is not in Alliance Army

  • Berdrin Stormspanner (Good)
  • Fae Leafrunner (Good)
  • Richeron Withamhall (Good)
  • Illidor (Cenarion Circle)(B)

(Plus The Cenarion Guardians)

Two nasty ladies

  • Lady Honoria Temperance Detol (Good or Evil)

We Hate Alliance...but we hate Evil More

  • Snorkyorky (Good/Allaince hater).
  • Jaen Broken-Horn (Spiritual/Zealot alternation)
  • Ktalard (I think generaly Good...probably hates Alliance too)

(Plus Bloodhoof Guardians) (Needs MUCH more)(Not sure who is (B) here)


Davinrad Hilon (Helpful ghost)

Where am I?

  • Sakariah John Aspen (Neutral)
  • Radgast The Brown (Nervous)

(And Others)


  • Someguy from Dalaran (Maybe Mordacious of Kirin Tor?)

'Where do I go?

  • Snorkyorky's alliance could be used.


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