The Equal Heights Campaign

(A scene in Stormwind, late in the evening)

Characters: an unknown gnome, a fully epixxxxx-clad human pally with swift steed, narrator, Sis & Richeron

Set:(A gnome walks on the street from the Bank to the Town Square. We follow the gnome as s/he greets some other people, but only dwarves and other gnomes. Suddenly a paladin in full armour and on an epic mount runs right into the gnome)

(While we see the above, the narrator and voice of Sis speak their line)


Narrator: And as our valiant heroes followed the paths that had been lain out for... eh? What is this? What's going on? Keep that gnome away from me! She's mad, MAD I TELL YOU!

voice of Sis: Shut up narrator, this is an emergency advertisement in the movie.

Gnome: Oi! Mind where you're going, you BRUTE!

(Pala stops a small distance away from the gnome)

Pala: Eh, uh? Did I hear something?

(Pala turns around and runs the gnome over another time)

Gnome: OUCH! Bastard!

Pala: I swear I heard something...

(Pala looks around but doesn't see anything)

Pala: Now this is truly odd. By the Light! I am starting to hear Voices!

Gnome: Yes you twat, MY voice!

(Pala rides off in the direction of the Cathedral of Light)

Pala: <insert char name here>, I hear Voices! I need some exorcism!

(Sis steps into view, wearing her crap battle gear)

Sis: Fellow gnomes and dwarves as well! Does this happen to you too? Do people incidentally kill you because they don't see you? Do they refuse to look down, or do they expect you to look up to them? Don't accept it any longer! It is time to join the Equal Heights Campaign! No more discrimination because we're not tall enough. Ofcourse we're tall enough! Our feet touch the ground, don't they? So sign the petition today and help make sure that we don't have to ensure our right by stabbing them tall ones to death.

(Camera fades to black, but turns on suddenly. Wobbly image, featuring Sis talking to Richeron)

Sis: Thank you once more for lending me a hand with this.

Richeron: Eh... you... you're welcome.... does this... eh.... mean you won't mutilate my erm.... manhood?

Sis: You've been cooperative, for a human, so I'll spare you this time. Oi! Why is that camera running?

(Camera gets cut off as it shows Sis running towards it, knives drawn)

Narrator: Ahem, where were we? Ah yes! (coughs) And as our valiant heroes followed the paths that had been lain out for...

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