Swiftness potion.

A dwarf is running and misses the tram.

Dwarf: Dam i missed the tram.

((Richeron comes on scene)).

Richeron: Hi I am Richeron, you may remember from such events as Stormwind assembly and The attempted murder of Magwitch. ((Pause)). OK forget about that last one.

Dwarf: The magwitch murder one?

Richeron: Yeah that one. Ok if you hate missing the tram or the zepplin then you need a Swiftness Potion.

((Dwarf drinks a swiftness potion and runs through the tram and misses it)).

Dwarf: Dam i went too fast.

(Richeron walks in front of the Dwarf).

Richeron: Swiftness potions. Making the fat people fat.

Dwarf: Who you calling fat you greasy pig.

Characters: Richeron and Dwarf. (Mabye Snorkyorkys Dwarf gunganis)).

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