Don't Drink & Drive Part 2 - Currying Favour

(A scene just outside the Zeppelin Tower outside Orgrimmar)

Characters: Armos & Ktalard (plus kodo's), plus an interested observer (a gnome)

Set:(Armos and Ktalard are mounted and shouting at each other, though from the viewpoint of the observer at first (behind /offset of Armos) there is no understandable reason.)


Ktalard: Get your spawn begotten riding Kodo out of the way!

Armos: I won't the old gods tell me that I have every right to be here!

(Action by Observer: Move round to see that the two kodo's have actually not just bumped heads but are 'merged' up to the front shoulders)

Armos: You backup now or I'll make you sorry!´

Ktalard: You and whose army?, I'm the more powerful here!

(Both stare each other down)

Armos: Look we can both dismount and call it a draw OK?

Ktalard: OK .. on 3

Both: one ... two ... three ...

neither dismount and simultaneously "you cheater!"

Ktalard: OK I'll dismount. (with unspoken voiceover for thought "and curry favour with the Earthmother")

Armos: OK you dismount. (with unspoken voiceover for thought "and curry favour with the Old Gods")

(Ktalard dismounts, followed a few seconds later by Armos)

(Both stare each other down again)

(Both stop and do a slow turn to the observer (who from their point of a view is fully armored, holding weapons), but turns out to be a small gnome.)

(Ktalard casts various visually impressive self-buffs. Armos summons pet)

Both grin wickedly at gnome.

Both grin wickedly at each other. (Note form Richeron: You can't actually film them grinning unfortunately. Should probably be substituted with small laughs "Hehehe.")

Ktalard: I'll fry him first and you can then....

Armos: (interrupting) No. I'll set my pet on him then you can...

Ktalard: (interrupting) I saw him first.

Armos: (countering) You didn't you fibber, I shall slay him for the glory of the old gods

(Both have turned their attention back to each other and ingore the gnome who chooses wisely to sneak off, with Ktalard and Armos poking each other and calling each other "heathen" and "dust worshipper")

Fade to Black

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