Narrator: A group of heroes has been delving deeper and deeper in to the Scarlet Monastery. Finally, they arrive at the home of the great Scarlet Commander Mograine and High Inquisitor Whitemane.

Elven Hero: At last!

Gnomish Hero: I want the hat!

Dwarven Hero: Get in to position everyone!

[They open the gates and they find Habeus and Magwtich.]

Dwarf: YOU?!

Habeus: Er... yes, us. We substitute Mograine and Whitemane one Tuesdays and on Saturdays.

Dwarf: Then how come I've never seen you here before?

Magwitch: We are usually wearing better desguises, of course. Stupid Gold-loving Kobold.

Habeus:Yes, we were about to put them on, but you came early.

Magwitch: Way too early. Now, go away and REPENT, Vile creatures of Evil!

Dwarf: Alright then... Will five minutes be alright?

Magwitch: Five minutes? It takes ten just to put on that damned corset!

Dwarf: Alright, fifteen!

Elf: I hope this is worth it... [Curses at Magwitch under his breath]

Magwitch: I heard that! Now I'm not dropping the hat, Filthy Tree-loving Rat!

Elf: Damn...

Gnome: Nice going (Insert name of Elven Hero).

Elf: Sorry...

Magwitch: I spit at your smelly feet! I vomit on your pointy ears! I fart at your divine legs! I drool at your sexy abdomen!

Habeus: What the...?
Dwarf: Huh?
Elf: Hey?
Gnome: By the Spanner of Mekatorke's Bomb!

Magwitch: ... Whoops...

Characters: Elven Hero, Gnomish Hero, Dwarven Hero, Habeus and Magwitch.

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