Brief description: A paladin (Dandramere?) starts giving a big speech on the Light, all very dramatic and theatrical, when a warlock puts him to sleep (dead). Then the wife of the Pally comes along and there is some more hitting, lots of funny punchlines, etc...)

(A paladin stands in front of Uther's grave)[Dramatic camera angle]

Pally: (...)


Characters: Male Paladin (Dandramere?), Female Paladin (Maegwen?), Warlock.

(Scene fades in on the tomb of Uther in the Plaguelands. Sat on a step on the outside is the Male Paladin.)

Male Paladin: (Voiceover) I am a knight of the Silver Hand... my name... it's not important. All that matters is I all those years ago, I pledged to defend the Light and the city of Lordaeron.

(Scene crossfades into the Male Paladin kneeling before the tomb.)

Male Paladin: (Voiceover) I failed. And Uther the Lightbringer died, while Lordaeron fell. The North is now a land of plague and filth, as the Scourge walk rampant...

(Scene crossfades again. The Male Paladin is marching slowly from the tomb.))

Male Paladin: (Voiceover) But no more. For I have discovered a way to defeat the Scourge for one and for all...

(Male Paladin comes to a stop at the end of the walkway. Camera is now angled up at the Male Paladin.)

Male Paladin: (Voiceover) For once I find the legendary artifact, I will be able t-

(Male Paladin falls down, ganked by the Warlock.)

Male Paladin: (Voiceover) Oh crap.

(Warlock stands over the fallen Paladin, and begins to laugh. Subtitles on screen show the word "kek", just to remind people.)

Warlock: Now the final hurdle is out of the way... The Forsaken will rise greater, stronger and more powerful than ever bef-

(Warlock is now ganked, and is now laying on top of the barely-dead Male Paladin. Behind him is a Female Paladin, holding a great big hammer.)

Female Paladin: I told you (Male Paladin Name), no long angsting or dramatic voiceovers! It always attracts the wrong type of audience! Ah well. I guess I better ressurect you...

Male Paladin: (Weakly) I'm not dead yet...

(Scene cuts to a random meandering mob. Text on Screen: Censored for extreme violence. Sounds of a beating goes on. Scene then cuts back to where they were before.)

Male Paladin: Okay, dead now. (Male Paladin gives sounds of croaking and dying.)

Female Paladin: That's better.

(Scene fades out with Female Paladin beginning to ressurect Male Paladin.)

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