(The Wild Rose Society are gathered around Janner Pike, listening to him. He explains they have been payed to find five objects around Azeroth in a shopping list. They ask where to go first and he tells them of a great method he learnt to find out precisely where to go: randomly point at the map with closed eyes. He does so, and he proclaims he has pointed at Strangle Thorn. Everyone asks why this should work, and someone explains that in well planned movies, the characters always end up where they are suposed to go, even if they walk randomly.)

(In the Wild Rose Pub, the WRS are sitting around, when Janner walks in, and sits down)

Janner: Ev'nin', lads. Get me a pint, will ya?

TWRS member 1: (hands him a beer) Here you go, boss.

Janner: T'anks. Naa, guess whar' I's been!

TWRS member 2: Some other pub?

Janner: ... No.

TWRS member 1: Jail?

Janner: ... No.

TWRS member 3: The brothel?

Janner: ... Uhmm....

TWRS member 2: (interrupts) At a secret meeting with a female evil mastermind planning for us to steal the five artifacts of great power for her?

Janner: Oh. Tha's roight!

TWRS member 1: What artifacts?

TWRS member 2: The ones they've been talking about in the earlier scenes.

TWRS member 1: Right.

Janner: Anyways, as (name) said, we's been 'ired t'steal some art'facts o' powah, an' t'en give 'em t'er. 'Ow 'ard can tha' be?

TWRS member 3: Very?

Janner: No! 'S'easy. Trus' me. I even know 'ow t'find 'em! .... Tha secret method o' findin'.. stuff!

TWRS member 2: Oh god..

Janner: Aye, say tha' 'gain! Y'takae map an' t'en.. 'ere's tha good bit.. y'close yar eyes an' RANDOMLY POINT AT THA MAP!


Janner: See? Stranglet'orn.

TWRS member 1: How do you expect that to work?

Janner: (sighs) In well planned movies, tha charactahs always end up whar' t'ey're s'posed t'go, even if t'ey jus' walk randomly innae circle!

TWRS member 2: True.


NOTE: Would be nice to have a mug off-hand for some of the members to carry and for Member 1 to hand to Janner. I (Janner) have both main and off hand mugs :)

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