(Berdrin enters his apartment in Ironforge)

Berdrin: Bah! Bloody snobs. I dunnae trust 'em!

Fae: Who, Honeybunch?

Berdrin: Those toffy-nosed nobles at the Assembly. Particularly that Count Wheeler.

Fae: Why, Sweetypie?

Berdrin: Power Crazy, the lot of them... except Withamhall. Golden era my foot! Ye can be certain I ain't lettin' them find out 'bout the artifact o' power the League o' Explorers 'as.

Fae: Where, Sugar-roll?

Berdrin: At the League's Storagerooms in that Forlorn Cavern, o' course. I'll be sure ta tell (League dwarf) nae ta lett 'emm know we go' it.

Fae: When, Buttercup?

Berdrin: righ' after I finish with Withamhall. He's commin' over ta discuss some thin's.

Fae: What, Treacletart?

Berdrin: Jus' some buisness regardin' tha R.A.S. o' Stormwind.

(Richeron comes in)

Richeron: Ah, there you are Stormspanner! I trust you recieved my letter about the Cromatonic Valves I got from Fizzlespark. Hello, Fae.

(Fae waves at Richeron)

Berdrin: Aye, I did.

Richeron: Jolly good show!

Berdrin: Ye mentioned some acciden' with (name)?

Richeron: Indeed. It apears the old fellow has fallen down the stairs again.

Fae: (To Richeron) How, Carameldrop?

Berdrin: You see, there was this Banana...Pardon?

Fae:Er...How, Sir Withamhall?

Richeron:...Yes, quite. As I was saying there was this Banana.

Berdrin: 'E slipped on the peel?

Richeron: I'll get to that. He didn't peel it. A hunter chap came along with his pet monkey.

Berdrin: The monkey pushed 'im?

'Richeron: No, no, no. The monkey stole the banana right out of (name)s hand. So he went running after the monkey all the way to the cathedral.

Berdrin: He fell down the Cathedral's stairs?

Richeron: No, no, no. He managed to get the Banana back. But when he got home, he ate the banana, slipped on the peel and down the stairs he went!

(Fae giggles)

Berdrin: Oh, Withamhall...

Fae: Tea, Creamcake?

Richeron: Yes, please. Milk and Sugar. I do love Cream Cake, old chap.

Berdrin: Ye'll need water fer tha'. I'll go ge' it.

(Berdrin leaves the apartment)

(Some meters away)

Elizabetha: Stoen, tell me if you see any heroes.

Stoen: I t-tell them apart?

Elizabetha: That's easy. They wear great shiny armor, they have great long swords and they are often speaking in a strange dialect called Leetspeak.


(An Elf and a Human wearing enourmous armour pass by speaking in Leet)

Elf 1: And then the Noobz said El Two Play! And I was like DoubleYou Tee Eff!

Human 1: Lolz.

Stoen: I...they...Elzbeth.

Elizabetha: You see them Stoen?

Stoen: Y-Yes.

Elizabetha: Oh, fine warriors! (Waves at the Elf and Human)

Elf 1: DoubleYou Tee Eff?

(The two leeters turn around and stare)

Montywort: Oh no. Not them!

Elizabetha: My friend Stoen and I are on a great quest to find the owners of this (Artifact 1) (Points to Stoen)

Human 1: O EM GEE! ARPEE-erz! Noobz!

Elf 1: Noobatronz! U have no life!

Human 1: Lolz! El Two Play!

(The two summon their mounts and ride away yelling: Lolz! Noobz!)

Elizabetha: Where are they going? Are they going to get more help? How nice of them.

Stoen: Er... I don't...don't think...

(Berdrin walks in to them from behind)

Berdrin: Watch where yer go... Oh. Fancy meetin' ye 'ere Istro.

Montywort: (In the distance) What does this one want?

Elizabetha: Stormspanner! We are glad you are here. We are looking for a great hero to help us find the owner of this. (points towards Stoen)

Berdrin: The Gnome's owner?

Stoen: Wh-what?

Elizabetha: Noo, the (Artifact 1).

Berdrin: Och! But tha's one o'...!

Elizabetha: What?

Berdrin: Gimme tha'! (Takes the artifact from Stoen's hand)

Stoen: Wh-what?

Berdrin: This 'ere belongs in a museum!

Elizabetha: Huh?

Stoen: B-but...!

Berdrin: Nae buts! I'm takin' this ta the League. S'tae delicate ta be in yer gruby unexperienced 'ands!

(Berdrin marches off)

Montywort: (In the distance) Cursed Dwarf!!

(Berdrin arrives at the Hall of Explorers but hides when he sees Wheeler talking to one of the dwarfs)

Berdrin: Wha's 'e doin' 'ere?

Wheeler: Now are you going to give me the Artifact or not?

League: Why how much do yer wan' it?

Wheeler: Lots

League: Lots and Lots?

Wheeler: Lots and Lots and Lots

League: Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots?

Wheeler: Just shut up you stupid drunken oaf. Give me the Artifact. Now!

League: Oh... ok



Wheeler:.... well?... Where is it?

League: Oh! its in the storage cuboard

Berdrin: Nae! I canne le' 'im 'ave it! (Runs off)

(Wheeler walks off to the Storagerooms to find the Artifact has gone)

Wheeler: Bugger!

(Meanwhile Berdrin aproaches Elizabetha and Stoen, carrying two artifacts in his hand)

Berdrin: 'Ere take i' back! An' take this one too! (Berdrin talks hurriedly)

Stoen: Huh?

Montywort: What?

(Berdrin forces them in to Stoen's hands)

Elizabetha: Didn't you say it belonged in a museum!

Berdrin: Jus' a joke! Get ou' o' Ironforge an' Stormwind as soon as possible! Right now! Go fin' their owner like ye said! But dunnae let anyone touch 'em ye hear?

Montywort: Excellent...

Elizabetha: They belong to the same person? Then who?

Berdrin: Nae time! Off ye go! (Runs off)

Montywort: Habeus will be proud!

Elizabetha: He is right. We must hurry. The owner must be missing them terribly.

Stoen: I..H-heroes?

Elizabetha: Never mind that, Stoen. We shall have to go ourselves! To the Gryphonmobile! Stranglethorn!

Monty: To Stranglethorn it is... My oportunity will come...(evil cackle)

(Elizabetha runs off and falls in to the lava pit.)

Stoen: Elzbeth!!

Elizabetha: I'm alright! The Light Protects me! ... Now get me out of here before it runs out!

(The scene fades)

(Scene in Berdrin's apartment in Ironforge with Berdrin, Fae and Richeron. The three talk about the Assembly's plans and Berdrin states that he doesn't trust the Assembly to use the Artifacts in the best way and that they should stay in a museum. He mentions in passing that one of the Artifacts is safely in the Explorers' League Storage room. Leaving the apartment to get some water, Berdrin comes across Elizabetha and Stoen who tell him about the Artifact. Berdrin, takes the artifact from them, telling them only that "such things should be kept in the museum" (and leaving Stoen and Elizabetha a bit confused). As he enters the League's library he sees Count Wheeler chatting to a member of the League. To Berdrin's surprise, the member tells him that there is no problem in giving the artifact to Stormwind. So, in haste, Berdrin runs off to the storage room and gets the second artifact out, before the member and Wheeler get there. Before anyone can see him, Berdrin gives the two artifacts to Elizabetha and Stoen and forces them on to a gryphon master and telling them not to give the two artifacts to anyone, who ever it might be. Elizabetha and Stoen decide to go to Strangle Thorn and finish the quest by themselves, completely clueless as to what Berdrin meant and not understanding why he gave them this second artifact. Monty watches everything in the distance.)

Characters: Berdrin, Fae, Richeron, Stoen, Elizabetha, Montywort, Wheeler, Memmber of the EL

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