(Suggestion: What about a few cameos of other people in the background of the Assembly, perhaps like Lashela and Janner and some main characters of other groups?)

(As a session of the Assembly of Stormwind starts, messengers come to inform that the demons in the Blasted Lands look particularly active (more specifically they are dancing around a lot). Some genious makes a leap of thought and concludes that someone is gathering the Five Artifacts. There is some discord amongst the Assembly, but eventually it is decided that a group must be sent to find the Five Artifacts of Power so that Stormwind may use their power and hail a new Golden Age.)

Characters: Wheeler, Berdrin, Richeron, and more to confirm (hopefully Habeus too even though he left it in-game.)

Possible Assembly scene. Unknown High Chancellor so for the purpose of this script its Richeron. Ive included all the original members of the Assembly its up to you if you want your toon to be involved in this scene. If I havnt included you or you don’t agree with what your char says or does my aplogies, just include and alternate as you wish - Telrunya

(...) (Narrator intro or longer intro)

Scene opens on the Assembly of Stormwind Chamber

Richeron: Good afternoon, old chaps! I have called this emergency meeting to discuss an important subject. It has come to my attention that the demonic beings in the region known as the Blasted Lands have become a lot more active. Reports suggest they have been seen reveling in delight, almost dancing in joy.

Quintessa: Why is this so important?

Richeron: After discussing these claims with my colleagues in the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind, we suspect that the demons are reacting to a growing power surge.

Berdrin: Aye, we believe tha’ the wee blighters are respondin’ to the discovery of one of th’ Legendary Artifacts of Power

Telrunya: Artifacts of Power?

Berdrin: Aye, five Artifacts tha can bring unlimited power when connected. We have gathered reports tha’ one has been uncovered recently in the Loch

Telrunya: Then we should claim these Artifacts quickly before any other group learns of them. We can use them and bring Stormwind into a Golden Age.

Karina: Golden Age? Not fond of gold meself, I prefer Silver

Telrunya: What?

Karina: Cant we call it the Silver Age?

Telrunya: What? No… Its Golden Age, besides Gold is better than Silver its more expensive, and I only like expensive things.

Berdrin: But in this politically correct Stormwind we need to expand to a wider audience, especially to the commoners

Richeron: Indeed, calling it a Golden Age may offend the lower classes resulting in a breach of Article 0051601

Quintessa: Perhaps fools gold? It looks just the same and is cheaper.

Karina: The Fools Gold Age? So you want an era which looks good at first but then turns everybody’s skin green in the end?

Detol: Perhaps platinum?

Teliviel: No no… far too expensive call it the Tin Age

Black screen showing the words several minutes pass

Detol: Perhaps the Copper Age?

Berdrin: Nay, we passed that years ago, were tech level four now

Habeus: How about the…

All the Chamber: NO!

Richeron: I say! For the final time Habeus we are not calling it the Scarlet Age.

Habeus: Damn you all to the Light!

Black screen saying more minutes pass

Richeron: We come to a vote then? Jolly good show! All those in favour?

Many members step forward

Richeron: And those that oppose?

Less members step forward

Richeron: Excellent, movement passed, we shall aquire the artifacts ourselves to bring Stormwind into the ((hesitates)) Golden Diamond, Silver plated Copper, Yellow Poka Dotted and Absolutley NOT Scarlet Age?

Mumbles of Agreement

Richeron: Now... how are we going to aquire them?

Assembly person 1: We should raise a small army! I am sure many woul wish to join the cause!

Assembly person 2: Indeed. And I shall command this army to glory!

Assembly person 1: No way! I shall command it!

Assembly person 3: No! Me me me!!

Richeron: Stop bickering!

Habeus: I really think it should be someone with great charisma and whom we can all trust. Someone like me!

Everyone: NO!

(Habeus mumbles)

Telrunya: He is right about one thing, though. It should be someone with charisma. Above all someone with experience. And the ones with most experience, are of course, those with the longest life experience.

Berdrin: Ye sayn' it should be the oldest person in the Assembly?

Telrunya: Precisely.

Berdrin: And that's ye...

Telrunya: (False surprise) Oh, is it? What a surprise! What a cruel change of fate! I fear my life may be forfeit if I embarc on this important mission... But I know my duty! I will accept your quest, with an iron stomach and a steady hand! (By this time, he is clearly acting)

Berdrin: Wha'?

Quintessa: And he is a noble! A count in fact! No one better for the job. This choice is satisfactory.

Habeus: Motion passed!

Richeron: Huh? But I'm the High Chancellor...

(General cheers from the Assembly muffle Richeron's words)

(Most of the assembly has left. Karina, Berdrin and Teliviel sit in one corner. Habeus and some of his scarlet knights and prechaers sit in another corner. In another corner sits Telrunya with the other assembly members who will lead the army under Telrunya's orders)

Karina: I don't believe that old (insult)'s leading this army...

Berdrin: I dunnae trust 'im.

Teliviel: And he wasn't even chosen by vote!


(In the other corner, Telrunya and the others discuss where they are going to look for the artifacts)

(In Habeus' corner he explains that he wants the artifacts for himself and the grand crusade, and that he will try to manipulate Telrunya.)

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