((Star Wars Imperial March music plays here)).

Remember, these aren't set in stone. If you're not pleased with what your character says/does/is, please alter it here, or post suggestions on the forum

Honoria - Katy come here! I need to get my hands on those artifacts!"

Katy - What artifacts, mistress?"

Honoria - The ones they've been talking about in the scenes before this!"

Katy - Oh. -Those- artifacts, mistress."

Honoria - Yeessss.. I must get them."

Katy - Uhh. OK."

Honoria - Dear, get in contact with the best. The best thieves on Azeroth you can find."

Katy - Uhmm... I don't think there are any of that standard, mistress."

Honoria - Hmm. well, any good ones, Dear?"

Katy - Nope."

Honoria - Moderately acceptable?"

Katy - Nope."

Honoria - Averagely skilled?"

Katy - Nope."

Honoria - What do we have then..?"

Katy - Well.. uhmm.. The Wild Rose Society, mistress."

Honoria - For the love of....(sighs) They'll have to do then. Get in contact with them."

Katy - Yes mistress

Honoria - Now get out of my sight dear and do as I ask!

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